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5 Fire Trucks That Will Make You Want To Be A Firefighter!

By on December 15, 2015

Not all fire trucks are the same. On the contrary, our research has dug up some fantastic fire trucks that look extremely cool while still being effective against various types of fires. Check out our list of the baddest fire trucks the world has ever seen!


5. ATV Fire Truck



Time to change your belief that fire trucks have to be big and tall. This ATV fire truck is proof that size doesn’t matter!  It has a 75 Gallon Water Tank and a 5 Gallon Foam Cell with Foam Nozzle and it’s best used in remote, hard-to-reach places in mountains.


4. The Hummer Fire Truck

This Hummer fire truck can’t compete in size with a normal fire truck but it can hold up to 3oo gallons of water and it’s faster in getting to the site of the accident. This cool looking machine is also used mostly for medical calls. Functionality plus aesthetics–what more can you ask for?



3. Pozhtechnika MRU GVT-150

Source: baogiaothong

Source: pozhtechnika

Just by looking at it, you know that this is one mean fire truck! It can run at 1.9 mph and weighs 19 tons. This killer fire truck means business because it not only looks intimidating, it can also spray 40 gallons of water per second and can be controlled remotely 1000 feet away. Now, that’s amazing!


2. The Stinger

This bad boy resides at the Victoria International Airport and is considered one of the most high-tech fire trucks at the moment.  Aside from being able to carry 3,000 gallons of water, 400 gallons of foam and 500 pounds of dry chemical, it has the ability to pierce a plane’s fuselage to kill fire from inside and out.

1.  Unimog

Source: caranddriver

At the top of our list is the Unimog fire truck! Yes–you read that right: a Unimog fire truck! What makes this fire truck the best besides being a Unimog is its ability to travel regardless of the terrain. It’s also equipped with 2 foam and water canons.  On top of that, this fire truck can be loaded with 5000 liter of water and 400 liter of foam.  It’s even the fire truck choice of monks!

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