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Meet the Top 5 Most Polarizing Cars That You’ll See on the Road Today

By on October 21, 2015

Polarizing is the term given to “something” that can easily divide people into two opposing groups. Whenever this “something” is brought up, the concept of middle ground or gray area doesn’t exist anymore. It’s either you love it or you hate it. That simple. Now, what we did is we have gathered 5 of the most polarizing cars you could see on the road today. We tried to find out why people love them or hate them. Take a good look at each and every one of them, digest their pros and cons, and then ask yourself, “Do I love it or hate it?”


Toyota Prius


Source: Pinterest

Why people love it: Practicality is synonymous to this car. Its fuel economy is the best in its class, performance won’t wow anyone anytime soon but it’s good enough, and it’s definitely Eco-friendly (because saving Mother Earth should be a priority, too).

Why people hate it: Because everything else about this car (that wasn’t mentioned above) is sub-par. It’s certainly not that easy on the eyes and has very poor handling.


Smart Car


Source: Pinterest

Why people love it: Great car to drive when navigating through traffic and congested roads. Parking it is a breeze. It also provides some economical advantages.

Why people hate it: It greatly resembles a toy car. It has very little room inside. Only two people can get in with no extra space for your extra luggage.


Chevy Volt


Source: Pinterest

Why people love it: It’s very fuel-efficient. It has no funky exterior design and looks more like a traditional sedan.

Why people hate it: Just like any other electric car, it lacks the power and performance that most people are used to seeing in bigger trucks or cars.


Nissan Leaf


Source: Pinterest

Why people love it: You don’t have to buy gas again. Like ever.

Why people hate it: If you’re planning on taking a long road trip and you want to get to your destination really fast, then maybe this is not the right vehicle to use.


Ford Flex


Source: Pinterest

Why people love it: It boasts some of the things that you know and love in a Ford vehicle.

Why people hate it: It’s named “Flex.” What does that even mean/resembles? Also, the styling/box-like exterior seems a bit outdated to some people.

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