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5 Toughest RVs Built For Off-Roading

By on October 2, 2015

Are you ready to hit the road for a wildly different kind of adventure? But, before you get all hyped up, you better check if your RV is tough enough for the road.  Check out our list to find the toughest RV built for off-roading.


5.  Mistubishi Fuso


With the ending of the production for the Ford Econoline Van, Sportsmobile decided to branch out into the field of RVs. The Fuso is an RV that runs with a 3.0 liter turbo diesel mated to an automatic transmission and it’s also a 4-wheel drive. This 4WD RV consumes 63 gallons of diesel for a 900 mile range, which makes it cost-efficient. It is equipped with an 80 gallon freshwater tank and 32 gallon gray water tank. This RV might not be the fanciest but it will definitely not disappoint with its performance.


4. Mercedes Benz Unimog

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The Unimog is a massive vehicle that weights around 8 tons. This off road RV could be considered a classic but it could outperform the current RVs. It’s time-tested as it’s been around since the ’50s!


3.Tiger Adventure Vehicles Siberian

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

The Siberian is the largest vehicle coming from the Tiger Adventure Vehicles.  It’s built entirely from aluminum and with insulation in all exterior areas. This RV is definitely perfect for all seasons.  It is also equipped with a 4×4 crew crab chassis and mounted with a 3-point system.


2. EarthRoamer XV

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The EarthRoamer XV is not like any other RV out there! It is solar powered, thus, it does not rely on electrical hookups. It’s also a perfect combination of luxury and performance! This massive four-wheel drive machine is equipped with a Ford commercial duty truck chassis and a quiet, powerful turbo diesel engine that will make your whole travel more comfortable.

Want to know more? Check out these videos:


1.  Global Expedition Vehicle’s Pangea

At the top of our list and so far the toughest RV out there is the Global Expedition Vehicle’s Pangea. The GXV is one of the leading names in the field of offroad vehicles for vacation travel. No doubt it lives up to the hype! This RV has a slide-up camper and it’s built with SCS (Structural Composite Sandwich) 3-ply body panels, which make its walls and floors almost bulletproof. In addition, its doors and compartment are equipped with double seals and Stainless Steel 3-point lock system and Stainless Steel hinges. It’s even featured on Travel Channes’s Extreme RVs.  Check out the episode below:



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