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5 Concept Cars We Wish Would Go into Production

By on September 30, 2015

Concept cars are often used by carmakers to showcase the best that they have to offer in terms of technology and design. Sadly, not all of the best and most beautiful concepts make it into production, either due to lack of consumer interest or due to prohibitive costs. That doesn’t mean we can’t dream and wish, right?

Here is our list of five awesome concepts that we wish would make it into production:

  1. Jeep Mighty FC
    Jeep Mighty FCSource: Car and Driver blogWho doesn’t want a vehicle that can go pretty much over any terrain, right? This was a monster, and we would love to take control of one and have all of the fun!
  2. Ford Bronco
    Ford Bronco ConceptSource: WikipediaThis concept was first shown way back in 2004, but it still looks fresh! If Ford introduced this right now, we’d probably get one right away! We’ve said it many times on this blog before and we’ll say it again: a new Bronco will give the Jeep Wrangler a run for its money. Believe us, Ford. Just make this already!
  3. Jeep Hurricane
    Jeep HurricaneSource: WikipediaThere’s only one reason we want the Hurricane, and that’s its awesome 4-wheel steering system! You can turn this thing around without ever moving an inch, you can go sideways, you can pretty much do anything you want because all four wheels can turn! Of course, that system is mighty expensive, so the chances of us seeing one in production are slim to none. We can dream, though.
  4. Cadillac Elmiraj
    Cadillac ElmirajSource: WikipediaIf you don’t think Cadillac can’t give the Germans a run for their money with this thing, you’re mistaken. Just look at that those lines and curves! This is one stunning vehicle, and we wish GM would make this or at least something in the same vein.
  5. Lamborghini Estoque
    Lamborghini EstoqueSource: WikipediaWould you rather be seen in this or in the Porsche Panamera? We thought so. Porsche, this is how a 4-door super car is supposed to look like!

And there you have it. Can you think of any other concepts that you think should go into production? Tell us in the comments!

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