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Automotive History – Their First Vehicles Part 5

By on July 14, 2015

They say to look into the past is to prepare for the future, so we decided to round out all the auto makes available in our site and look for the various models that put these companies on the map and thus provide us our enjoyment and livelihood. This is Part 5 of a multi-part series

Renault – 1898 Renault Voiturette

A loose translation would be Little Car, and as we can see from above, the name is pretty spot on. Founder Louis Renault first sold this model to his father’s friend who loved its ability to traverse uphill with ease and its fuel efficiency. The car was manufactured from 1898 to 1903.

Rolls-Royce – Rolls-Royce 10 hp

Saab – Saab 92

While many may argue that the Saab Ursaab (Ursaab actually means First Saab) preceded the 92, the Ursaab was actually a prototype, thus making the 92 the true first production automobile of Saab.

Saturn – Saturn SL

The S-Series of Saturn was first released in the fall of 1991 with the SL (which means sedan level) coming out first, to be followed by the SW (sedan wagon) in 1993. The first left the Saturn factory in Spring Hill, Tennessee on July 30, 1990, the same day that Roger Bonham Smith, who was the CEO of  GM at that time, retired.

Scion – Scion xA and xB

Probably one of the younger brands to be featured in this series, Scion was formed mainly to target the newer generation of owners… hence the very fun and trendy look of the two debut Scion models, the xA and xB. The xA (subcompact hatchback) is based on the Toyota Vitz while the xB (compact hatchback) was based on the Toyota dB.

Subaru – Subaru 360

Nicknamed the Ladybug, the Subaru 360 seems like a far cry from the famed rally machines Subaru is famous for. Of course, at the time of it’s production, the Japanese government was encouraging manufacturers to develop small and affordable cars.

(to be continued)

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