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Interesting “Cars” Made Of Unusual Materials

By on June 9, 2015

Cars are usually made of metal. Sure, some of them are made of carbon fiber or some other high-tech material, but for the most part, they’re made of metal.

These “cars,” though, are made of more unusual materials. You may not be able to drive some of these, but they sure are interesting:

  • Brick Beetle

Brick BeetleSource: Img Humour

This Beetle is right at home with its surroundings. Of course, you can’t get into it let alone drive it, but it still looks nice. It’s even got bumpers and wheels on it.

  • Brick BMW M6

Brick BMW M6Source: Like Our Links

Like the Beetle above, this car is made of bricks. Unlike the Beetle, though, you can actually get in this one. Made by Chinese artist Dai Geng, the car was on display in Shenzhen, a city in the Southeastern province of Guangdong.

  • Red Bull can F1 car

Red_Bull_Can_F1_Car_FrontSource: MotorBeam

Red Bull has a team in Formula One, so a Formula One car made of Red Bull cans makes a lot of sense. Or not. Either way, it’s pretty cool how cans can be used to make complex vehicles like F1 cars.

  • Beer can Mustang

Beer can MustangSource:

We wonder how many nights it took to get the requisite number of beer cans for this build. It must have been a lot! Anyway, pretty good, yes?

  • Sand Smart

smart03Source: Toxel

Smart has done some amazing things to promote its lineup of city cars, and this is one of the best. It’s a full-size (yes, no matter how small it is, it is indeed full-size) Smart Fortwo sand sculpture. Check out all of the details. Pretty impressive, right?

  • Wooden Beetle

Wooden BeetleSource: Business Insider Australia

Unlike the other entries you see here, this wooden Beetle made by 71-year-old Momir Bojic is fully functional. Yes, he drives it around and of course, gets a lot of interest from everyone else. Every single panel you see is made of wood, including the wheels. It truly is a remarkable piece of art.

And there you have it. Those are just some of the coolest cars made out of unusual materials that we have seen. Can you add more? Tell us in the comments!

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