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Cars That Tried to Carry More Than They Could Handle

By on April 28, 2015

When it comes to car care and maintenance, there’s a long list of What Not to Do in order to keep your car functioning well. And, one of the things in that list would be not to overload your car. Otherwise, you’d get a whole load of problem sooner or later–worn and sagging suspension, tire damage, and handling difficulty are just a few of these.

Despite all these, some drivers still can’t resist the urge to carry more than their vehicle can handle. Anybody remember this Mini Guinness challenge?

1 mini

Source: Mail Online

That looked fun, but not in real life. We’re sure many of you have seen photos similar to this one:

2 India

Source: ShaluSharma

Apparently, overloading happens not just in trains but also in trucks, cars, even bikes. Take a look at some of these photos showing people who attempted to make their vehicle carry more than they could handle:

The vehicle in this photo looked desperately defeated, but the look on the passengers’ faces doesn’t indicate anything out of the ordinary in the scenario. We could only hope they reached their destination safely.

3 Overloaded

Source: Mirror

This photo was taken closer to home, in Maryland. The rear tire looks as if it’s ready to conk out anytime soon, and it’s not surprising. The photographer said aside from the lumber, the back seat was also carrying 80-pound bags of concrete. Good luck with that!

This one looks like a scene in a comedy show, but it actually happened in real life! Watch and smile:

5 Sofa

Source: Buzzfeed

We’re not sure if the owners of this sofa had to try similar tricks as above before realizing they could not load the sofa in the car and decided to just carry it on the vehicle’s roof.

6 Sofa

Source: Mirror

Here’s a video of some more vehicles carrying loads that are almost heavier than them:

What’s the heaviest load you’ve carried in your ride? Let us know in the comments.

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