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Automotive History – Their First Vehicles Part 1

By on April 7, 2015

You never forget your first. The automotive industry is filled with companies with a rich heritage that span decades, some even more than a century. While most makers would rather celebrate their greatest hits (which aren’t necessarily their first iterations to the automotive world), it’s easy to forget where it all began.

They say to look into the past is to prepare for the future, so we decided to round out all the auto makes available in our site and look for the various models that put these companies on the map and thus provide us our enjoyment and livelihood. This Part 1 of a multi-part series

Acura – 1985 Acura Integra

Precedes it’s partner the Legend which was the flag ship of the Acura brand, the luxury arm of Honda

Alfa Romeo – 1910 A.L.F.A 24HP

Engineered by Giuseppe Merosi under Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, which would later become Alfa Romeo

Aston Martin – 1914 Coal Scuttle

Not really what you’d expect from a luxury brand like Aston Martin but this was their first car called so because of what would have been a common item in most households at the time.

Audi – 1911 Type A

Source: Audi

Designed by August Horch and was released in May 1910. The above photo is the oldest surviving Audi

BMW – 3/15 PS DA 2

Source: BMW

Originally the Dixi 3/15 PS before selling under the BMW name in 1929 which practically helped the company survive during the Depression.

Buick – 1904 Model B

Source: Buick

The first albeit shortest production Buick to date.

Cadillac – 1903 Model A Tonneau and Runabout

Some confusion here, as it was only considered either the Runabout or Tonneau until later in 1904 did they call it the Model A to differentiate it from the Model B that came out that year.

Chevrolet – 1913-1914 Chevrolet C Series Classic Six

Or simply known as the Chevrolet at that time and was also one of the few Chevrolet’s made while Louis Chevrolet was with the company.

Dodge – 1915 Dodge Brother Model 30

Prior to the brothers Dodge’s death in 1920, The Dodge Model 30 was marketed as a more upscale option over the Ford Model T and pioneered the all-steel body construction.

Ferrari – 125 S

Despite coming after the Auto Avio Construzioni 815, the 125 S is the first one to be released under the Ferrari name. The former does have the distinction of being the first car designed by Enzo Ferrari.

Fiat -FIAT 4 HP

Otherwise known as the 3 1/2 CV. Only 26 were made between 1899 and 1900 with being produced in the first year alone.

Ford – Ford Model A

The car that started it all. With 1750 cars produced between 1903 and 1904, the Model A’s success made enough of a profit to make Ford Motor Company Henry Ford’s first successful business venture.

GMC – 1933 Chevrolet Suburban/GMC Yukon XL

Currently, the longest continuous use automobile nameplate in production in the world. Now this is confusing but for all intents and purposes, this is the earliest GMC released by the company and predates all other releases despite being under the Chevrolet name.

Honda – 1963 S500

The S500 isn’t technically the first Honda vehicle to come out as the T360 truck came before it by 4 months, but that was a Kei truck that was mostly for commercial use.

Hummer – 1992 Hummer H1

No surprise here, first of the civilian line of the M998 Humvee. Sadly died out by 2006.

Hyundai – 1975 Hyundai Pony

Hyundai did build and sell the Ford Cortina first under the Taunus license, but the Pony was first Hyundai-developed car

(to be continued… feel like we made an error somewhere? Let us know and cite your source and we’ll gladly correct it!)

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