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15 Bizarre Car Crashes You’ve Got to See

By on April 29, 2015

It’s not funny when somebody’s life is in danger–yet there are situations where the potentially harmful accidentally becomes hilarious. We’ve compiled some really bizarre car crashes that–while we hope never seriously hurt any body–are now undeniably funny:

1. The Car That Wanted to Do a Remake of a Famous Movie


We assume you already know the title.

2. The Car That Craved for Some French Fries

car_crash_potatoesSource: Pinterest

And probably potato chips, too!

3. The Driver that Needed Proof Before Getting New Eyeglasses

funny-car-glasses-shop-crashSource: The Meta Picture

Need we say more?

4. The Car that Sure Knew How to Take It Literally


Seriously, dude?

5. The Car that’s Warned Too Late

funny-car-crashes-accidents-arch-sidesSource: Blogspot

We’re wondering why that warning sign’s posted there in the first place. Misplaced, ugh!

6. The Couple Who Knew How to Act Cool

car-crash-elderly-couple-photo_opsSource: The Meta Picture

Uh-oh! Wife’s still trapped inside. But it’s no biggie.

7. The Van that Won’t Be Able to Safely Remove Anything Soon


Because they too need some form of removal. We’re thinking who they would call now.

8. The Driver Who’s In Serious Trouble

carcrash_school of safe drivingSource:

And this school knows exactly what this car needs.

9. The Van That Delivered News Too Fast

Ironic-Car-Crash-1588Source: Pinterest

We bet this van would be its next headline.

10. The Car That Needs  A Lot of Explaining to Do

funny_car_crash_bikeSource: theworststuffever

Is it the worst car bumper ever or the best bike ever?

11. The Car vs The Bike

funny_car_crash_bike_standingSource: Tumblr

Winner: the biker! Now that’s what we call a good sense of balance.

12. The Truck vs The Cows

funny_car_crash_cowsSource: Tumblr

Winner: the cows! In 3-2-1, cows were up, truck’s still down. Boooo!

13. The Car that Parked Like a Boss

funny_car_crash_parkingSource: Tumblr

Oops…Almost but not quite.

14. The Pickup that Lived Up to What Its Bumper Sticker Says

funny_car_crash_shit_happensSource: Tumblr

We wonder if this happens everyday.

15. The Truck That’s More than Just a Trailer Truck

funny_car_crash_draggedSource: Tumblr

We can’t help but sing, “I will follow him. Follow him wherever he may go…”

How about you? Do you have photos of funny and ironic car crashes? Feel free to share them with us via our comments section.

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