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Some Epic Driver Failures That Will Make You Feel like You’re a Better Driver

By on March 31, 2015

Some of us are proud of our driving skills while some are ready to admit anytime that they’d rather be in the passenger seat than behind the wheel. Still, others need a lot of work–and we mean tons of it–when it comes to driving and taking care of their vehicles in general. If you’re one of those people who are not as confident about driving as others, you might feel better about yourself after looking at what the people below did while in the driver’s seat.

1. This guy who thought that driving on snow is kinda cool:

epic_ice_driving_fail_640_02Source: Izismile


 2. Or this guy who thought the same about beach driving:

b3e7a798f8e2b7c745defd7019db86c6Source: Pinterest


3. This driver who isn’t afraid to risk even his precious car door:

giphySource: Giphy


4. This guy who could use Reverse Driving 101:

phew_close_call-72854Source: Gifbay


5. This school bus driver who did this selfie that cost him his job:

ae4d1ca7dc96d4120e91db54836a59abSource: Pinterest


6. This DIYer who paid the price for not wanting to carry cleaning tools one at a time:

1178458597_2087387131Source: AsFailedOnTV

7. This motorist who thought he found the perfect parking slot at Walmart:

enhanced-23283-1393681084-1Source: Reddit


8. This truck driver who was too optimistic about the vertical clearance:

72bP8vySource: Imgur

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