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Five Traffic Rules that Ended up Causing Confusion, Chaos, and Road Rage

By on March 1, 2015

There are basic driving laws all motorists have learned by heart because they are applicable in almost anywhere they go. And then there are also some traffic rules that are just so out of the ordinary, that instead of easing road congestion or promoting safety, they ended up causing confusion and chaos among drivers and pedestrians. Here are five of the many traffic rules that didn’t come without creating buzz and controversy:

1. One-way street but opposite directions

1841R-87619Source: AutomobileIndia

This happened 2009 in two neighboring Paris suburbs sharing a street (D909) that was declared by the two mayors one-way, but in different directions. With contradictory road signs in place, commuter chaos sparked and a number of municipal and national police were deployed not only to direct traffic and ease gridlock but also to help calm road rage.


2. Traffic lights that said “stop” and “go” at the same time

247171-d145db1a-e3d4-11e3-b0ab-f5085bf43577Source: GoldCoastBulletin

In this case, the culprit isn’t any legislator or government administrator but the confusing traffic lights at the busy Surfer’s Paradise light rail intersection. The lights flash both red and green, telling drivers to stop and go at same time. Some drivers reported that they were forced to slam on the brakes to avoid collision with other cars.


3. Road switch that could trigger collisions

leftroaddrivingSource: Autoblog

Samoa made a big switch to driving on the left, which a traffic crash expert predicted to trigger fatal car accidents. This bold move came out of the prime minister’s conviction that aligning Samoa’s with Australia’s and New Zealand’s driving rules will encourage vehicle importation.


4. ‘Mickey Mouse’ law caused chaos among car hire firms and travelers

Cars on the road with buildings in the background, South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, USASource: Dailymail

In 2013, Florida implemented a new unpublicized law requiring British drivers and travelers to the Sunshine State to carry an International Driving Permit. This caused confusion to car hire companies and holidaymakers who claimed to be unaware of the law. This forced Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle to review the law immediately as AA said that it won’t just cause controversy but will also negatively impact the state’s tourism.


5. Changes to the flow of traffic did more harm than good

6065628-largeSource: GrimsbyTelegraph

The changes in road system and traffic flows in Grimsby town center in the UK sparked chaos and confusion among motorists. According to witnesses, 70 to 80 percent of people went the wrong way because there were no clear signs telling drivers where to go.


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