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Abandoned Old and Vintage Cars You’d Wish You Could Bring Back to Life

By on March 28, 2015

Old and vintage cars are a joy to see. But when they’re abandoned to rot away or left deliberately at the mercy of mother nature, this joy instantly turns into a feeling of nostalgia. And one could not help but ask, “Why were they left there? Since when were they there? Could there be a way for them to be given a second chance at life?”

It’s really heartbreaking to see these once loved and cared for old and vintage cars at their final resting place. Now, if given a chance, which of these forgotten beauties would you bring back to life? Our pick is number 24.

1. This Rolls-Royce that no longer rolls:

rolls_royceSource: Messynessychic

2. This Chevy truck that’s slowly getting wrapped in greens:

chevy_truckSource: Pinterest

3. This Dodge that won’t budge:

dodgeSource: Pinterest

4. This once glorious 1958 Continental Mark III convertible:

1958ContinentalMarkIIISource: Hemmings

5. This 1957 Ford Thunderbird that’s gone into the woods:

1957_ford_thunderbirdSource: Hemmings

6. This Jaguar that’s now parked permanently:

jaguarSource: Curbside Classic

7. The sad fate of these vintage Ford trucks:

vintage_ford_trucksSource: Pinterest

8. This V-Series International rusting in peace:

vseries_internationalSource: Pinterest

9. This Morris MO Oxford that’s bluer than blue:

morris_mo_oxfordSource: Flickr

10. This pummeled Renault:

Abandoned Supercars and RacecarsSource: Pinterest

11. Colors are fading for these Volkswagen Beetles:

volkswagen_beetlesSource: Pinterest

12. This BMW ain’t hopeless:

bmwSource: Messynessychic

13. A beat-up Plymouth:

plymouthSource: Pinterest

14. This rusty old GMC:

GMCSource: Pinterest

15. Here’s one unfortunate Ferrari:

ferrari4Source: Thecarfansite

16. This classic Chevrolet Bel Air past its glory days:

Chevrolet_Bel_Air_Red_1920Source: Photoshopcreative

17. Pride’s lost for this abandoned Fiat:

Abandoned_FiatSource: Bandwmag

18. This Corvette is feeling so unloved:

Abandoned-corvette-split-windowSource: CarGurus

19. An old Mercedes-Benz needing a lot of work:

abandoned_mercedes_benzSource: Pinterest

20. A lonely DeLorean found in an abandoned house:

abandoned_deloreanSource: Pinterest

21. Old, rusty, and a little less flashy Chrysler:

1949_chryslerSource: Pinterest

22. This 1952 Pontiac Chieftain that went from fab to drab:

pontiac_chieftainSource: iocchelli

23. A Cadillac that’s slowly fading away:

abandoned_cadillacSource: ChrisHarnish Photography

24. This deserted Buick:

abandoned_buickSource: DeviantArt

25. And racing days are over for this Mazda RX-3:

mazda_rx3Source: 95customs

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