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We’d Love to See More Cars in these Colors

By on February 21, 2015

A vast majority of cars right now come in some shade of grey, such as white, black, grey, and silver. There are also a bunch of red and blue ones. There’s nothing really wrong with any of those colors, but we think there should be even more variety out on the streets.

We thought of some other colors we’d love to see cars come in, and here are the ones that we loved the most:

  • Purple

1971 Dodge Challenger ConvertibleSource: Wikipedia

You may not have royal blood, but your car (or at least its paint job) can look the part. Purple is still the color most associated with royalty.

  • Orange

Ford Focus STSource: Wikipedia

More fiery than red or yellow, orange radiates a dynamism that those two other colors don’t. When paired with great styling, an orange car can look so fast even if it’s just standing still.

  • British Racing Green

1967 Aston Martin DB6 VantageSource: Wikipedia

It’s one of those colors that makes pretty much any car, from the old classics to the brand-new ones, look infinitely better. Why it’s not more popular today is beyond us.

  • Pink

FordSource: Pinterest

Real men drive pink, yes? Yes! Seriously, though, why should pink be only for ladies?

  • Brown

Lexus LFASource: Lexus Enthusiast

Admittedly, brown doesn’t always work. It has to be on the right car and with the right finish. On cars like this LFA, though, it is awesome.

There you go. We think getting a car in any of these colors is better than sticking with the same boring usual suspects, right? Are there any other uncommon car colors you could think of? Tell us in the comments!

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