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Some of the Most Ridiculous Traffic Tickets Ever Issued

By on February 25, 2015

A lot of drivers would describe any traffic ticket they receive as ridiculous, but we have stories of issued tickets that really deserve the description. Check these out:

The Burger-Caused Ticket

Who would have thought a burger can cause you a traffic ticket? A man got a citation for distracted driving in Georgia because he was eating a double quarter-pounder burger with cheese while driving.


Source: Kearney Hub

It must have been a giant burger!

The Ticket Issued to a Dead Man

The ticket in this case may not be ridiculous at all, except the recipient was already dead–slumped right on the front seat, dead of drug overdose when the cop issued the ticket for illegal parking.

The Ticket Issued to a Wheelie Bin

Bad parking? Apparently, no wheeled machine is safe, even this innocent-looking wheelie bin.


Source: Mirror

The Ticket Issued to a Man Hit by a Police Car–for Denting the Car

It’s bad enough to be hit by a car while walking on a pavement and end up with your foot crushed, but to be penalized for denting the car–a police car–that hit you?


Source: Oddee

Yes, ridiculous!

The Ticket Issued to a Backward Jogger

Backward jogging = obstruction of traffic? Or so thought the cop who slapped a ticket to a runner for running backwards and traveling against traffic.


Story: FindLaw | Photo: HealthMeUp

Fortunately, the judge dismissed the ticket and said that it’s fine as long as backward jogging is done on bike lanes.

So, what’s the most ridiculous ticket you or someone you know has ever received?

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