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The Craziest Bikes That You’ll Either Love or Hate

By on February 6, 2015

It’s pretty easy to love cars. They’re powerful, stylish, convenient and whatnot. But bikes…oh man, bikes can divide people. Some would see them as potentially dangerous means of transportation while some would see them as exciting rides. Now, what better way to magnify this love-or-hate thing when it comes to bikes than to provide a short list of some the craziest bikes you’ll ever see–which you will, again, either love or hate.



Source: Pinterest

Check out the large fat rear tire! Just watch out for road bumps when you drive this one.



Source: Pinterest

Large fat rear tire? You rang?


Bozzies custom bike design

Source: Pinterest

Why have one large fat rear tire when you can have two?



Source: Pinterest

Or…just one tire for the whole bike.



Source: Pinterest

We don’t really know what’s the point but it’s definitely an attention-grabber.



Source: Pinterest

You know the saying, “business in front, party in the back?” This is the opposite of that.



Source: Pinterest

“Wow, that’s a huge bike.”


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“Thanks, that’s my son.”

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