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These Cool Rides Would Make You Wish Your Car Had Snow Tracks

By on February 2, 2015

There’s only so much you can do to your tires to make them useful on snow but whatever it is you do, they’re never going to be as effective as adding snow tracks! These awesome devices drastically increase a vehicle’s traction and flotation on snow; and best of all, they can make any ride flippin’ wicked! Of course, some applications may also look strange (as you’re about to see) but they’re all uniquely cool in their own way. Here’s the proof:

Source: AutoBlog

A lot of people called the Nissan Juke a joke when it came out but this version is dead serious when it comes to snow-proofing. The Juke Nismo RSnow is an all-wheel drive vehicle equipped with Dominator Track Systems from American Track Truck.

Source: Gizmag

Do you wish you could just add tracks to your wheels and hit the snow as soon as possible? The Track N Go system lets you do just that! It’s like putting on ice skates on your vehicle!

Source: Car Mods

Resourcefulness can get you a long way and two mechanics in Antarctica proved that when they built this snow chopper from trash, junkyard parts and an engine from a totaled 1981 Ski-Doo Elan. The most amazing thing is this slick ride only cost $10 to build!

Speaking of awesome machines on snow tracks built from junk parts, this DIY snowmobile is a work of pure genius!


Jeepers love to say they can drive through anything with their Jeeps but heaps of snow can be hard to get through even for these off-road beasts. If you have a Jeep and you really want it to roll over giant snow mounds as if they were ant hills, why not install tracks like the owner of this Wrangler did?

No description is needed to prove this little tracked ride would be fun to drive!

If this isn’t the baddest winterized military H1 ever, then for sure it’s the perfect zombie apocalypse vehicle! This massive hunk of metal would be able to plow through anything frozen or fiery.

We all know old VW buses are perfect for customizations and this is definitely one of the best ones we’ve seen so far! An engineer converted this 1966 VW bus into the grooviest winter machine with powerful speakers and a subwoofer–and of course, snow tracks that help it achieve an impressive 30mph!

Here’s another VW bus. Retro, rad, and ready for the iciest roads!

Tuners from Zero South and the ultimate car guy Jay Leno joined forces to build this strange Hummer H1 that uses a biodiesel electric engine. Those tracks will definitely be useful on snow but it would take someone without fear of heights to actually drive this thing without getting severe nausea!

Got pictures of your own vehicle with snow tracks or simply winterized? Feel free to post them on the comments section!

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