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A Chevy Sold as a Toyota and Other Mind-Blowing Car Trivia

By on February 3, 2015

Do you think you know it all when it comes to cars?

If, YES, then check out our list and see if you know these awesome facts we dug up!

Source: Reaction Gif

If, NO, well,  it’s never too late to learn something new!

5.  The Amazing Ford GT!

Source: Jalopnik

The Ford GT could be one of the strongest cars ever been built, it is so strong that it broke the crusher during its roof crush testing.

Source: Reaction Gif

And, that is what you called DURABILITY!

4. The highest speeding fine goes to…

A man driving a black SLS at 186 mph in Switzerland was fined for over 1 million US dollars! Apparently, in Switzerland they calculate the fine based on the driver’s income and the speed of the car.

3.  Austin Maestro and its Talking Digital Dashboard

Source: MB Club


In the United States, the voice for the Austin Maestro talking digital dashboard is actress Nicolette Mackenzie. She lends her voice in reading out car warnings such as low oil and etc. But the main story here is that in other countries like Spain and Germany, instead of having a female voice talking to you, they have a male voice just for the reason that they do not want to take orders from a female! So would you rather hear a female or a male voice?

Check out the video to see how this talking digital dashboard works:

2.  A Chevy engine for a Mclaren F1?

For all the Chevy fans, did you know that that McLaren used a Chevy 454  for their F1 prototype? They used the said engine to test the gearbox of the Mclaren F1. They needed an engine that will give them enough torque that they expect to get from their eventual production unit.  And, of course, this resulted in one of the best engines out there!  WAY TO GO CHEVY!

Source: Reaction Gif

 1. The Chevy Cavalier is the Toyota Cavalier.

In Japan, the Chevy Cavalier was sold as the Toyota Cavalier.  According to an article of the truth about cars, “in response to concerns about the trade imbalance, and to help stave off any further US restrictions of  Japanese imports to the US… Toyota entered into a deal to help facilitate imports of genuine made in the US Chevys and other good GM stuff of the era.”

Spot the difference?

 Toyota Cavalier   Source: Auto Navigator

Chevrolet Cavalier   Source: Concept Carz


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