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8 Best Kicks Inspired by Cars

By on January 22, 2015

Inspiration and beauty can come from just about anything. You’ve probably heard or read about car designers getting inspiration from things, ideas and even people, so it comes as no surprise that sneakers, endorsed by millionaire basketball players of the NBA, would gain inspiration from the high-end luxury cars that the players who wear them ride. But just like cars, some car-inspired kicks are simply better than others. Thus we bring you, our dear APW readers, some of the best shoes inspired by automobiles!

Since all of these are basketball shoes, it comes as no surprise that we’re limiting the selection to the top 8, in true NBA playoff format of course!

8. Adidas Kobe I and II – Audi TT Roadster

Source: Supafly

Perhaps more famous for being (allegedly) the shoe that sent the Black Mamba to sign with Nike. The Adidas Kobe II was a collaboration between Audi and Adidas to provide a shoe that actually resembled the car, right down to it’s front grill.

7. Nike Lebron 11 Elite – Lamborghini Egoista

If you’ve seen the Egoista, you know this is pretty spot on. Some might say that it’s more Iron Man inspired than anything since Tony Stark would definitely rock Lebron James’ kicks and probably own a Egoista as well to complete the set.

6. Air Jordan XVII – Aston Martin

Might as well say this now, most of these are going to Jordan’s . After all, Jordan’s are the reason why the sneaker subculture is as big as it is. While most NBA fans would love to forget that Wizards run, most people will hopefully not forget the XVII which was inspired by “the fine details from an Aston Martin, the smooth lines and flow of a jazz solo and the long Air Jordan history of innovations in style”

5. Nike Zoom Generation – Hummer H2

Lebron James’ first signature shoe, and probably his best. The comparison is apt as many have described Mr. James game as a freight locomotive – fast, powerful and will probably demolish anything in its way.

4. Adidas TMac 4 – Lamborghini Murcielago

Source: Car Gurus

Tracy McGrady’s signature shoe that are famous for two things: the HUGs system making this a laceless shoe and he was wearing them during his amazing 13 in 35 seconds against the Spurs.

3.  Air Jordan XXI – Bentley Continental GT Coupe

Jordan shoes and cars are a common theme as you can clearly see. This has been true during Tinker Hatfield’s time (the genius behind some iconic Jordans) and remains true when D’Wayne Edwards took over for the XXI, taking inspiration from MJ’s 2005 Bentley Continental GT Coupe, which MJ would later sell to the Volvo Auto Museum.

2. Air Jordan xIV – Ferrari 550 Maranello

Perhaps the shoe that truly captures the topic. While not the first, the Jordan XIV certainly comes off as truly inspired by the Maranello, even right down to the Jumpman logo treatment.

1. Air Jordan VI – Porsche 911


Just like most sneakers, the original is always the best and the most valuable. Inspired the Porsche 911, the Jordan VI is considered right up there as one of the best Jordan shoes ever. The design elements are evident with the sleek profile of the shoes, but more importantly, the tab on the back actually is taken from the 911’s spoiler. As if to drive the point home, a special edition of the shoe came out making the the connection a little too direct


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