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Top 15 Car Related Vines

By on December 19, 2014

What can you do in 6 seconds? Apparently at lot of hilarious stuff according to Vine. “The what now?” Vine is according to Wikipedia: “short-form video sharing service.” Which basically means it’s a social media channel where users share and upload looping 6-second videos. While they may not seem much there is a lot of hidden comedy goldmines which we are about to explore in today’s feature.

15. FUNNY ANIMALS – that #relatable moment when your dog starts driving your car


14. Connor Batman Avera – Seriously!!!


13. Becca Carter – Thought I was by myself driving…..


12. Just Celly Hockey™ – Buddy’s driving a Zamboni on the Highway


11. OnRotation – Skeleton Drive Thru Prank.


10. Sam and Colby – 10K FOLLOWERS!! (WHO’S DRIVING)




8. ♛Drift World♛- Bruh!!! TAG someone who cant drift

6. RobertLive – It’s Mr. Steal Yo Girl


6. Damn Bullock-Jordan Lomax – We ain’t got no worries! … most of the time….


5. Trey Kennedy – When you seat belt does this (Slightly NSFW due to language)


4. seansauce – When a car pulls up lookin gangsta but it ain’t really what it seems


3. Liane V – How I THINK I look singing in the car VS how people see me singing in the car


2. Will Sasso – Arnold Schwarzenneger Driving


And of course, the classic:

1. Tish Simmonds – in my mums car

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