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Top 5 Fictional Cars Brought to Real Life

By on November 18, 2014

Oscar Wilde once said: “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,” which is certainly the case nowadays. In the pop culture world we live in, several people have gone to great lengths to recreate their favorite characters into real life. One need simply go to their local comic or toy convention and you’re sure to see some real good costumes with a crazy amount of detail (and some extraordinarily bad ones we might add).

Of course, it didn’t take long for car customizers to try their hand on bringing some iconic fictional rides to life, which brings us to today’s post. After checking all of pop culture and car fandom, we’ve come up with the best list of the 5 fictional cars brought to real life:

5. Wacky Races Cars from Wacky Races

Source: CarScoops

Before there was Mario Kart or Smash Brothers, Hanna-Barbera was ahead of the times by having their various characters cross continuities and compete in what was known to be the Wacky Races. These creative men and women decided to recreate the mayhem of the series in the Goodwood Festival of Speed back in 2009.  We didn’t get to see it, but if whoever played Dick Dastardly did not have the mustache and did not act dastardly, we’ll probably not lose much sleep on missing out.


4.  The Mach 5 (Speed Racer)

Built by Mark Towle, this is a fully functional automobile based on the popular cartoon series, Speed Racer. We say fully functional in a sense that you can drive it, but we doubt the chainsaws and other gadgets work. It is available for rent for special events but stowaway chimpanzees and 8-year-olds not included.

3.     Donald Duck’s Car

There’s something to be said about accuracy. Whoever made this (rumored to be in Norway) decided to forgo usability and made it to fit the comic right down to the 313 license plate. It is a bit of a shame because a people-sized version of this car would be all kinds of awesome if you ask us.


2. Mater form Pixar’s Cars

Pixar has always been about heartwarming stories with a twist. If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve heard, and were made to watch Pixar’s Cars, probably buy a few related toys and may have enjoyed yourself doing so. Either way, we advise (for the sake of your wallet) to avoid this man, Eddie Paul. Mr Paul, form the looks of it is a genius when it comes to taking fictional rides to life if his Mater is anything to go by.


1. Optimus Prime from the Transformers

This, ladies and gentlemen, is step behind the dream. A fully functional 1:1 replica of Optimus Prime built out a 1994 Peterbilt. We say one step away because while it doesn’t transform, it does have Optimus Prime’s voice as its alarm system. We repeat, it has Optimus Prime’s freaking voice! While full transformation is probably years, if not decades away, one enterprising person could set up a GPS to have the Prime man’s voice to further enhance the experience. Until then, we will temper our fandom until the dream of true transformer vehicles is realized.

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