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Tales of Car Theft Gone Wrong

By on November 10, 2014
Question: What’s more interesting than stories about thieves stealing cars?

Answer: Stories about car thieves doing a botched job and getting caught.

Successful car thefts may be common, but botched car theft jobs turn out to happen that often, too. Here are some pretty interesting stories:

The teenager who got his hand stuck on the door of the car he’s trying to steal.

Photo 1

Source: Telegraph

The 17-year old teenager managed to prise open the door of the Vauxhall Cavalier he was planning to steal, but he slipped and the door slammed shut. He had to call for help and remained stuck until police came.



The man who carnapped a vehicle and asked for a ransom from the owner
Pile of Twenty Dollar Bills

Source: Q 103

The more interesting part of the story was that he only asked for 20 bucks. And needless to say, the cops were there when they were about to do the exchange.

Desperate measures for desperate times?

The thief who continued the Chinese food delivery after stealing the delivery car
Photo 3

Story: Examiner | Photo: georgeb4tourisum

A Chinese food delivery car was stolen when it was left running during a usual delivery route. The thief decided he would deliver the remaining food so he could get the money, failing to realize that the police would be looking into the trail after the incident was reported.

Photo 3a


The car thief who ran out of gas

A car thief in Moscow, Russia would have been successful in robbing a 15-year old Volkswagen car, if only the car did not suddenly die in the middle of rush hour traffic. Police officers even helped him push the car to the side of the road, and the thief almost got away, except the police noticed the car’s lock was broken and a screwdriver was in the ignition instead of the car key.

The thieves who stole promotional vans

Some thieves thought the VW buses pictured above would catch the eye of potential buyers. What they didn’t realize was that these cheese-looking buses would also catch the eye of everybody else. We’re not sure how the thieves thought they would hide these vans from the police.

The thief who tried to steal a police car…

Photo 6

Source: DriveSteady

1. That was parked in the police parking lot
2. And while the police was right there

3. Being interviewed by CNN

Brave or foolish? You decide.

The thief who stole a Tesla Model S, crashed it, and died

Photo 7

Source: Bloomberg

The thief stole the car from a Tesla service center in LA, managed to get away from the police, but got into several accidents during the chase. The car crashed into several vehicles while running on high speed, struck a steel pole, was split in half, and caught fire. The driver was thrown from the car and died from his injuries. Definitely not a good way to go.

The thief who didn’t know how to hot wire a car

Watch this video to find out what he did instead:

Ahm, shall we give him points for improvisation?

The honest thief

The plan was to rob a Mustang from a car dealership, with one thief distracting the salesman by pretending to apply for a loan application while the other grabs the key. It would have been a success, except the man gave out his real name and social security number when filling out the application form.



Do you know of other stories of botched car theft? Let us know in the comments.

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