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15 Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Sinkholes Swallowing Cars. #6 Made Us Cringe!

By on November 28, 2014

Sinkholes are dangerous, costly, and deadly. They swallow cars without warning—moving or not, big or small, vintage or modern, and even two or more at the same time. Although these seem common, no one is ever prepared when one of these disasters strikes because it sure comes like a thief in the night.

These cars here suffered the same fate. One minute they’re on the road, and the next minute they’re gone. Sad but there’s really nothing much that anyone could do to keep these cars from falling prey to these terrifying sinkholes.

1. This driver sort of knew what was coming.

She saw the vehicle in front of her start to slip into the hole but was lucky enough to drive beyond it. She wasn’t too lucky though, as she found herself trapped inside her car sitting at the bottom of the sinkhole.

Sinkhole Swallows Car.jpgSource: StarTribune

Driver was able to escape with the help of a ladder—she was not hurt but a bit shaken up.

2. Now, combine torrential rains and flooding, and what do you get?

Need we say, “a perfect recipe for disaster?” Check out this blue car that fell into a huge sinkhole in Duluth, Minnesota.


3. This car was not able to escape the wrath of nature either.

It got stuck in a sinkhole as floodwaters rush down the street.


Sinkholes are really very unpredictable. And if you think your car is safe because it’s parked right outside your home on a perfectly fine weather, well think again.

4. This unsuspecting victim was barely recognizable when found lying at the bottom of a pit in UK.

sinkhole_swallowing_car4Source: Strange Sounds

5. And if parking outside your home does not keep this phenomenon from occurring, parking elsewhere won’t help avoid it either.

sinkhole_swallowing_car16Source: Blogspot

Seeing your ride being swallowed whole by a sinkhole can really make you feel helpless.

6. But we feel more than helpless just by looking at this image. GULP!

We’re pretty sure you also get that sinking feeling like we do.

car_swallowed_by_sinkholeSource: Giphy

That was one hungry and ruthless sinkhole!

7. Do you think it would be a relief if just part of your ride is swallowed by a scary pit like this? NAH!

sinkhole_swallowing_car9Source: Metro

Whew, moving or not, there’s really no way of escaping this disaster. Now, what if the hole was bigger than that?

8. Our hearts sink just by looking at this car hanging on for dear life…

Wow, just look at that massive hole!

sinkhole_swallows_car10Source: Blogspot

9. The situation here, though, was a lot better. This sure was one lucky escape.

sinkhole_swallows_car12Source: Pinterest

And since sinkholes come in all sizes, even bigger vehicles are not spared.

10. Just like this cement mixer truck in Russia.

sinkhole_swallowing_car5Source: Strange Sounds

This terrifying event was recorded by a dash cam. Here’s a glimpse to how the ground suddenly gave way and wreaked havoc to this huge truck.


11. This passenger vehicle wasn’t too lucky either.

We’d probably be scared to death if we happened to be on board this sinking public bus.

sinkhole_swallows_car15Source: Daily Mail

Good thing, the driver was quick enough to order his passengers to evacuate the vehicle before the hole totally swallowed it up.

12. This 22-ton fire department truck here was also quick to respond to an emergency call.

Too bad, a sinkhole caught it off-guard. Now, we’re wondering who it called for rescue?

sinkhole_swallows_car13Source: Takepart

And if you think you’ve seen enough, wait until you see the extent of the damage that these sinkholes can bring.

13. In Chicago, a sinkhole appeared swallowing not just one, but two cars at the same time.

sinkhole_swallows_car2Source: Twitter

14. And LOOK OUT! Because the third car’s going down too! Buzzfeed

Luckily, the driver survived and was hospitalized because of minor head injuries only.

15. But what could be more heartbreaking than this? Eight Corvettes on display at National Corvette Museum were swallowed by a massive sinkhole in Kentucky.

Oh, and did we mention these are VINTAGE cars?

corvette_swallowed_sinkholeSource: Giphy

No injuries were reported, but the damage? Well, it cost millions of dollars considering that these were iconic cars that had been around for years. See how huge the hole was, making the Corvettes looked like Matchbox cars.

sinkhole_swallowing_corvettesSource: Washington Post

This was truly a sad sight for car lovers, especially for Corvette aficionados. Who wouldn’t be? This rare 1992 White 1 Millionth Corvette was even among its unlucky preys.

corvette_swallowed_by_sinkholeSource: Fox News

UGH! Is there any way to stop these monsters from appearing? These sinkhole photos sure made our mouth hanging open in utter disbelief and leaving us completely dazed.

How about you? Share your thoughts on these terrifying photos by leaving us a comment.

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