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You Wouldn’t Want to Drive on These Haunted Roads on Halloween

By on October 20, 2014

You’re driving on a dark, deserted highway all by your lonesome, seeing nothing but the little patch of road lit up by your headlights. Suddenly, you feel a cold breeze, making the strands of hair on the back of your neck stand. You compose yourself, say it’s nothing,  and look into your rearview mirror. There, you see a woman dressed in all white sitting in your backseat. She looks up, and you see her bloodied face full of anger and disgust. You scream as loud as you can but it doesn’t matter. No one can hear you.

You’ve probably heard of stories just like the one above. Heck, you’ve probably experienced something just as scary. It could involve a ghost of a boy who drowned, an angry prospector, some supposedly murdered boy scouts, or some other  entity. There are just so many scary stories just like the one above because haunted roads, just like haunted houses, are all over the country. Here, we list down some of the scariest and most haunted roads in the US:

  1. Boy Scout Lane, Stevens Point, WisconsinBoy Scout Lane

    Source: Wikipedia

    There are a lot of different urban legends and stories about this isolated road in Wisconsin. One version of the legend says that a troop of boy scouts on a camping trip was murdered by their bus driver. Another says they were murdered by their own Scoutmaster. Yet another version says that a group of boy scouts wandered after hours, dropped a lantern that started a forest fire, which then killed them and the rest of their troop. The road got its name not because of any of those incidents, but because the boy scouts used to own the land there. So far, no evidence of mass murder or a big fire has been found in the area.

    That, however, hasn’t stopped people from being scared out of their wits when they visit the area. Many visitors report a feeling of being watched, hearing branches and twigs breaking, and seeing little orbs of lightt following them all the way to the city. Yikes.

  2. Prospector’s Road, Georgetown, California
    Prospector's Road runs parallel Marshall Road. Source: Google Maps

    Prospector’s Road runs parallel Marshall Road. Source: Google Maps

    This winding, seven mile mountainside road that is not completely paved and often only has one lane has claimed the lives of many people. That it is haunted by the ghost of an angry prospector only makes it worse. There have been numerous reports of people seeing the weeds on the side of the road part, followed by the appearance of the old prospector who then shouts “get off my claim!

    Residents in the area have also reported various unexplained incidents, such as doors opening or locking by themselves,  plates and other small things being moved around the house, and many others. Prospector’s Road has been in use since it was made in the 1800’s, but it has been less traveled throughout the years specially after the construction of the adjacent Marshall Road.

  3. Mona Lisa Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Source: PinterestIt's hard to find Mona Lisa Drive, but if you're determined to check out the scary stuff yourself, here are some good instructions.

    A statue we believe situated around New Orleans City Park near Mona Lisa Drive. Source: Pinterest
    It’s hard to find Mona Lisa Drive but if you’re determined to check out the scary stuff yourself, here are some good instructions.

    In the 1900’s, a generous philanthropist donated a huge part of his property and a collection of statuary to establish City Park, with the condition that one of the statues, a bronze one he commissioned to commemorate the recent death of his daughter Mona, be given special treatment. The statue was put in a cul-de-sac at the end of a long promenade.One night, the statue was knocked down and wrecked. Since then, people have reported seeing a floating white lady, probably the ghost of Mona,  approaching their cars, looking forlornly into their windows and scratching the, before vanishing completely.

  4. Shades of Death Road, Warren County, New JerseyShades of Death Road

    Source: Wikipedia

    There are several stories that tell how the road got its foreboding name. One involves an unruly band of squatters who lived in the area many years ago. Apparently, they fought to the death over women and other issues. Another involves an annual outbreak of malaria in the 1890’s that led to the death of numerous people who lived nearby. One story also says that the place was originally know as just “the Shades,” but a spate of unsolved murders that occurred in the area made residents add “of Death” to the place’s otherwise pleasant name.

    Whatever it is that made people call it the Shades of Death, we may never know. All we know is that there have been many reports of ghost sightings and other paranormal activities in the area. Wraith-like figures rising from Ghost Lake (just off the road), unusual activity at an abandoned cabin near the lake, a Native American spirit guide that takes the shape of a deer, and several others.

  5. Clinton Road, New JerseyClinton Road

    Source: Wikipedia

    This narrow, 10-mile stretch of road that goes through West Milford, New Jersey, is widely considered as the most haunted road in the country. There are several reasons for that, one of which is the “Ghost boy bridge.” One of the bridges across Clinton Brook is said to be haunted by the ghost of a boy who drowned while swimming below. Apparently, any coin thrown over the bridge is returned by the boy. There are also times when he pushes people into the water.

    Then there’s the Druidic Temple, a conical stone structure located near the road. The site is where local Druids reportedly practiced their rituals. It’s actually all that’s left of an iron smelter that was used in the 19th century.

    People have also reported seeing strange creatures at night, some, they believe, are of supernatural origins, while some, cross breeds from animals that survived when the nearby Jungle Habitat was shut down in 1976.

    There have also been reports of phantom trucks that suddenly appear behind vehicles, chasing drivers to the end of the road before vanishing completely.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there’s no getting around the fact that some of these roads are just plain creepy. If you’re looking for something to do on Halloween that doesn’t involve candy, maybe give these roads a visit. If you do, share your experience with us!

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