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Top 10 Car Stunt Fails. Number 5 Made Us Cringe

By on October 10, 2014

“Buckle up, I want to try something”

You know you’re in trouble when your buddy says these seven words, you’re either going to end up with a story that you’ll tell through the ages or in a world of hurt. This list is all about the latter. We put our best YouTube hunters to look for the most blatant display of automotive hubris that end up in spectacular failure.

Of course, while we like a bit of schadenfreude, we’re glad that no one was seriously hurt during any of these videos.

Now, some of these videos might get a little intense, so it goes without saying, viewer discretion is advised.

1. But that backflip though! – nothing quite encapsulates failing big while showing off to friends like this first video. That’s going to be a long ride home.

2. Come for the crash, stay for the epic dismount – 1/10 for the crash. 10/10 on that egress.

3. Boredom can make you silly things – Hey, it seemed like a great idea at that time…

4. “We can weld it back on!” –  Always an optimist that guy

5. Kobe Bryant he ain’t – In Mother Russia, Car jump you!

6.  Timing is everything – Too bad this guy’s timing is all bad.

7. Look Ma! No hands! – This is probably the land equivalent of a wipeout, and it’s exponentially more embarrassing.

8. It’s all about the person behind the wheel – Kids, just because you have nice Bentley does not mean you have mad driving skills

9. Keep Your Eyes On the Road – Their dreams of creating a new extreme sport went down the drain because they could not follow this simple piece of advice.

10. Better to burn out than to fadeaway – Not all stunt fails are high speed crashes… some are just… special.

In conclusion, whenever you feel the need to show off, think twice. There’s only so much you can leave to dumb luck and even then, you’ll be paying either way (either through hospital bills, higher insurance premiums or worse). Whenever you feel the need to become the second coming of Evel Knievel, remember that you can always just leave the daredevil stunts to the pros, like these guys:

Okay, maybe not…. just stay safe out there okay? Okay.

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