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There’s Something Sad and Beautiful About These Abandoned Cars

By on October 14, 2014

There are vintage vehicles. And then there are simply old vehicles left to rust and die after many years of use. And while we understand that cars come and go, we can’t help but feel sad about cars that are abandoned by their owners.

Check these out:

This Mercedes Benz still retains some semblance of its once sleek shape despite the rust.

mb rusted

Source: DPCcars

The intact paint of this car makes for a lovely contrast in the background, but it’s looking so forlorn.

blue car in farm

Source: Pinterest

This one’s looking homey and is starting to blend in with its surroundings… Reminds us of online photos that ask you to find the lion, or the cat, or whatever. Soon, it might be ‘find the car in the picture’.

After years of picking up and dropping off school children from home to school and back, it looks like this school bus has reached its final destination.

school bus

Source: Piximus

This Volkswagen bus is almost painful to look at. It seems to have fallen prey to vandals and… bottle collectors?

Here’s another rotting car, this time a Triumph Vanguard. Ouch.

vw bug

Source: Piximus

The car in this next photo is almost indistinguishable from afar, if not for the remaining paint color.

Rotten cars are apparently very common, so much so that there are photographers that specialize in capturing photos of decaying vehicles, such as Peter Lippmann. His two photographs below have a haunting, eerie quality.

This one brings to mind that movie ‘The Ruins’:

car eaten by roots

Source: Visual News

And this one looks like it’s peering through the plants and moss that are starting to eat it. Help!

car eyes

Source: Visual News

Some abandoned cars are lucky enough to be rescued by enthusiasts, such as this VW bus in a forest in Sweden.

Others get a second chance by being recycled and turned into something else, such as this VW Bug that gets turned into a garden planter.

Or this Ford Mustang, which was buried underwater to become an artificial reef.

Others, though, spend their last days and meet their deaths in what is now called car cemeteries…

Such as the famous Chatillon Car Graveyard located in Belgium.


Source: bmxmuseum

At one point, this graveyard had as many as 500 cars, said to have once belonged to World War II soldiers who left the cars here when they were shipped home back to the US. Take a look at this:

Here’s another car cemetery in Sweden. The story of this cemetery is similar to that of Chatillon, and this one has as many as 1,000 cars, some of them dating back to the 1950s. This is a collector’s heaven.

Tom Merkel’s Car Garden below is closer to home, located in Cuyama Valley. It has around 1,200 cars that make up what many call a large-scale art.

Meanwhile, this secret Mustang junkyard in the Rhode Island Forest has around 20,000 vintage cars sprawled across 200+ acres of forest. This is paradise for an auto restorer, although most of the cars here look like beyond saving.

rhode island mustang

Source: Jalopnik

Do you have photos of abandoned cars in your area or know of other car cemeteries? Let us know in the comments.

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