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Ten Cars that Went Where Other Cars Don’t Dare Go

By on October 15, 2014

Cars are made for driving and not for anything else. So when you start seeing them in unusual places, you’d probably think, “How on Earth did these cars end up in these places?”

Here we’ve compiled some pictures of cars found in places where other cars don’t dare go. Let’s see if we can unravel the mystery behind each of these mind-boggling scenes.

1. Car Heading for a Swim Daily News Dig

Oh, such a refreshing dip! But seeing this, just makes you wanna…

whatSource: imgur

Yeah, it really doesn’t make sense how this car ended at the bottom of the pool. Same goes here…

Car-in-PoolSource: York Daily Record

We don’t know how the dip in the swimming pool affected this 15-year old Mazda Miata. But by the looks of it, this drastic swimmer has a lot of drying to do.

2. Cat Car Stuck Up a Tree

car-on-top-of-treeSource: Mirror

We’ve seen a cat stuck up a tree. But a car? Well, it’s a totally different story. Any wild guess how it got up there? Here are two words to give you a clue: Sweet Revenge.

happy-lurkingSource: replygif

3. Car Making a Grand Entrance

car-through-wallsSource: Daily Mail

We’re pretty sure there’s a doorbell somewhere. But this car thinks going through the walls is the best way to make a grand entrance. NOT!

om-my-godSource: imgur

4. Car on Neighbor’s Roof

car-on-roofSource: Dallas News

No open parking slots? No problem! Neighbor’s roof to the rescue! But was that really the case? We bet someone’s not too happy about it.

ugly-cryingSource: photobucket

5. Car Forgetting How to Car

car-down-stairsSource: Blogspot

We’re not quite sure what made this car think it can go down the stairs. Or the escalator…

car-escalatorSource: Weirdism

And we’re even more confused with this car on tram tracks…


Traffic is bad, probably! But this is what we have to say…

no-my-friendSource: imgur

6. Car on Top of Another Car

car-on-top-another-carSource: Workers’ Compensation Watch

We’re shaking our heads in dismay right now. Is this some kind of bullying? How about this…

car-on-top-another-car2Source: pinterest

Wow, that car on top sure knows how to block! How did it end up there? Sorry, but we’re absolutely clueless too!

thinking-gifSource: tumblr

7. Car on the Edge

car-cliffSource: Blogspot

This head-spinning and heart-thumping scene is beyond imaginable. We can feel the adrenaline rush. But heck, a bungee-jumping car is way too far out of our league. And we’ll probably have this look if we see one…

surprisedSource: reactiongifs

8. Car Squeezing in Between

Weird-car-crashSource: Unmotherly Insights

Hey, I was here first!”

We’re not so sure who parked first, but we’re definitely sure who parked last. And as we look at this photo, we can’t help but say, “Indeed, two’s a company, three’s a crowd. Need we say more?”

nevermindSource: imgur

9. Car with Extraordinary Aim

strange-car-accidentSource: Blogspot

We’d like to think this car is a great shooter. But don’t you think it has gotten a little too far with this?

stressedSource: reactiongifs

10. Car Leaving Its Lover Driver Behind

gatecrasherSource: Daily Mail

Funny how this driver chases down his lover car. And it seems nothing’s gonna stop it from leaving—yes, not even this rolling gate! Watch the full video here:

So have you all figured out how these cars ended up in these places? Feel free to share your comments below.

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