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You Know You Love Your Pickup Truck Too Much When…

By on October 30, 2014

Some people do appreciate and enjoy the practicality of owning a truck, and stop there. Others do love their trucks too much that they spend too much time on it, using it for other purposes than off-roading and hauling, to a point that they discovered many other perks or benefits of owning such a ride.

Besides sitting proudly behind the wheel of a comfortable and handsome beast, you know you’re so in love with your pickup truck when:

1. You don’t give a damn about making the most questionable of decisions because you think your truck’s back is sturdier than the sturdiest thing ever made…

but you guessed wrong because even if its back didn’t get smashed up, it’s suspension did got hurt… big time.

Ouch! Poor truck!

Source: blogspot

2. Not having a pool on summer is not a problem at all.

truck bed as poolSource: Pinterest


Want to experience waves? No problem with that, either. Watch how these guys do the trick:


3. Tug of war has a whole new meaning for you.

Snowbank jumping can also be taken into a different level.


4. During weekends with friends, you don’t care about not being able to stock up a case of beer in your fridge. Who needs a case, anyway, when you’ve got a truckload of it?

truck bed with beerSource: tumblr

You can make good use of your tonneau cover, too.

f44442fc535609244517d5eaa8b4820c Source: Pinterest


5. You clearly know what the truck bed is for… literally.

And you use it indoor:

or outdoor:
c40fb2d255dcbe4cd2698c7a6cd39c08Source: Pinterest


6. Removing the exhaust means finding the biggest puddle you could ever find and trying for a couple of times. See how it’s done in this video.


7. Having lots of babies in the family isn’t too big of an issue during Thanksgiving and family reunions.

Worst-Parents-Babys-in-Truck-BedSource: TeamJimmyJoe


8. Gardening doesn’t always mean cultivating a part of your yard.

218b36c3bc37b0def7e11b8496c9e9acSource: Pinterest


9. You can get all caked up with mud and still look ruggedly handsome.

muddy truckSource: Pinterest


10. You can transport just about anything that others find difficult to carry…

Like this hut:
hut on truckSource: Pinterest

or this giant lobster:
lobster-truck-600x400Source: Arlnow


Do you find many other uses for your pickup truck? Feel free to share a photo on the comments section below or post on our Facebook page (

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