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11 Times Jeep Proved Itself to Be THE Best Thing on the Road

By on October 29, 2014

Jeep is a born warrior and survivor on the pavement and the off road. With its rugged exterior, it can go under, go over, go around, and go through just about anything. It’s all about the bumps and grinds and the howl of tires.  It can go places other vehicles cannot. While the ride can be rough and bumpy on terrains, what this 4×4 can give you is a real adventure, something that involves a full assault of the senses. But even with its off-road capabilities, Jeep will never be out of place on the real street. When it pulls up on the parking lot or blasts through the highway, nobody bats an eye. This vehicle, after all,  is a classic.

What makes this 4×4 beast the real badass on the road? Well, here are a few things:

With some kick-ass mods and one helluva suspension, it can do some crazy flexes.

Source: ILTWMT

Get on the steep surface with ease flex 3

Source: FourWheeler

…and even pull off some nasty stunts. flex 2

Source: Pinterest

Source: WeKnowMemes

It can pass the handling test with flying colors, as you can see here:

Source: Imgur

Extreme rock crawling? rock crawl 1

Source: v2guzzi

rock crawl 2

Source: TheAutomotiveIndia

Jeep is king. rock crawl 3

Source: Jalopnik

It does climb like spider monkeys, spider monkey

Source: Pinterest

and oh, it also flies!
flying jeep

Source: Pinterest

fly 2

Source: OffroadXtreme

Source: Gifrific

See how Jeep can turn into a submarine, giphy

Source: Giphy

swim through rivers, lakes, and creeks and emerge on the other side and survive. swim 1

Source: Pakwheels

swim 2

Source: Pinterest

Windows up, pedal down!

Source: Tumblr

It can never be too muddy or dusty outside. mud

Source: Pinterest

When snow are inches too deep, don’t worry because your Jeep can get you through. snow 1

Source: Pinterest

Parking won’t be a problem, too. parking 1

Source: Pinterest

parking 2

Source: ILTWM

parking 3

Source: Pinterest

And things can never be too weird for  any Jeep, no matter how ridiculous the idea would seem.

Take for instance one of the smallest vehicles in the world with license to drive, which appears to be a miniature Jeep miniature jeep

Source: TopTodayNews

This Jeep with triangular tank-like wheels that’s actually a snow automobile jeep tank

Source: Pinterest

Only a Jeep can pull off wild animal prints… animal print

Source: Pinterest

be covered in lilies and still seem cool for a chick,
lily jeep

Source: TheBlogAboutCars

and look ruggedly handsome on military fatigue. fatigue

Source: Pinterest

Who would ever think that a tough-looking Jeep can wear pink… pink

Source: Pinterest

or purple, without losing its rugged appeal? purple

Source: Pinterest

pulling to a jeep

Source: Tumblr

And turn into an amphibious vehicle, amphibious jeep

Source: TopSpeed

a custom furniture, furniture

Source: Pinterest

or into a too-crazy-for-fiction double Jeep. double jeep

Source: Yahoo! Autos

But perhaps, the best thing Jeep has done for us (beside the ultimate 4×4 road adventure) is help us win the world war.

“The Jeep, the Dakota airplane, and the landing craft were the three tools that won the war.”

– General Dwight Eisenhower, Allied Supreme Commander, Europe General Eisenhower Behind the Wheel of a Jeep

Source: Jeep4ever

Experienced soldiers appreciated the fact that the jeep would go places that a mule would not.

“Lots of times a mule will balk if he doesn’t think his leader is using good judgment,” one GI observed. “But a jeep will always try!” war 2

Source: Jeep4ever

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