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The 7 Worst Concept Cars Ever – What Were They Thinking?

By on September 14, 2014

Over the decades, countless concept cars have disappointed in various auto shows. From lacking imagination to being outright ridiculous, these are the ones that are best left in the dusty basement of our collective memories. Here is your hall of shame:

1. Cadillac Cimarron  – Double the cowl? Double the ugly. This makes your grandfather’s Caddy look amazing.


Source: Car Styling

2. Peugeot Moovie  – Imagine how easy parking would be…at the bottom of the ocean.


Source: Madle

3. Mazda Taiki  – It looks like an alien potty on wheels, except aliens would be more stylish.


Source: Best Art Carz

4. Honda Fuya-jo  – For this party car, the cabin was supposedly designed to be a mini dance floor, but the folks at Honda should have just two-stepped on the blueprints instead.


Source: Hight3ch

5. Studebaker-Packard Astral  – A concept that came out during the start of the Space Race. Take that, Russians! No, seriously, take it and never give it back.


Source: PBase

6. Ford Seattle-ite  – Four wheels in front will gain you a lot of fans…in a Wal-Mart parking lot.


Source: Car Styling

7. Ford SYNus  – Yes, another Ford. And based on the name, the designer probably blew his nose and started sketching on the napkin.


Source: NetCarShow

Which other concept cars would you include on this list?

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