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6 Vehicles That Look Awesome on Caterpillar Tracks

By on February 9, 2017

Whatever you may call it–be it a caterpillar track, continuous track, or tank tread–you can’t deny that equipping your rig with one brings some advantages. With its help, your vehicle can easily maneuver through the roughest terrains. Its superior traction will also allow your rig to pull other vehicles that got stuck in mud or snow. Amazing, right? But aside from these advantages, did you know that a caterpillar track can also make your ride look good? Don’t believe us? Well, scroll down and see for yourself how awesome some of these vehicles look on caterpillar tracks.


Source: GearHeads

Check out this 1959 Land Rover rocking some fancy caterpillar tracks. Looks stunning, right?


Source: Pinterest

Who says vans are boring?


Source: Pinterest

A Jeep Rubicon that truly knows how to do “off-roading” right.

1958 FC 170 swapped its tires for car tracks. Easily the owner’s best decision in his/her life.


Source: Pinterest

Now that’s a motor home that you can take anywhere!


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Classic business in front and party in the back!

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