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Meet Letrons, A Real-Life Transformer!

By on September 21, 2016

The fascination with robot-transforming automobiles has long existed in our collective consciousness, which perhaps we can trace back to the ’80s, the first time the Transformers breached popular culture as an animated television series.

Fast forward to today and we might just have the realization of that decades-old, nergasmic dream.

A Turkish company has just built a real-life Transformer based on a BMW 3 Series coupe. They’re calling him Letrons. Letrons is the real deal: he rolls like a normal BMW car, then, at the push of a button, can rise as a towering robot that can swivel his head, flex his arms, and flash the lights he’s equipped with.

He can also do the…um, robot dance.

Now Letrons here may be pegged as hailing from the same universe as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, but, as can be seen, he appears more like a Gobot: basic, stiff, and clunky. But still! It’s mindblowing how we’re actually seeing a car transform into a robot. And we have to remind ourselves we’re not watching a Michael Bay film. It’s real life, people!

Sure, Letrons may be riddled with a couple of kinks here and there, but the effort put into his production is just downright awesome.

For us, the biggest concern is this—we really hope Letrons is not a Decepticon.



Source: GermanBoost

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