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6 Creative Ideas You Can Do With Your Old Car Tires (so don’t throw them out yet)!

By on July 15, 2016

If you have old tires in your garage and you’re thinking about disposing them, you may want to stop for a while because we have great ideas on how you can recycle them and maximize your money’s worth. While tires are car essentials, they’re also great for DIY projects that you and your family can do for bonding. If you are into this kind of stuff, keep scrolling down as we have listed some of the best and most doable ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Swing

    This might be the easiest and the most common DIY projects you can do with your old tire. All you need is a strong rope, a hook, and a sturdy tree where to hang it, and voila! Project complete!





2. Flower Pots

Combine your artistic skills with your green thumb! By recycling old tires to flower pots, you get to save yourself a trip from a local recycling facility/tire retailer, and save you bucks from buying pots and landscaping your backyard. Good to the nature and good to your pocket. Win-win!





3. Char – Griller

Outdoor parties wouldn’t be complete without barbecue and the grill! If you have a spare tire rim, you can convert it to an awesome and fully functional char – griller. This should save you $20 – $300! What a great deal!




4. Book Shelf & Storage

Lack of storage has been one of the concerns for most households; so much stuff for so little space. If you find yourself in the same situation, an old tire may just be the solution. With a little tweak and a little creativity, you can use it as a book shelf or toy storage.





5. Tables and chairs

Looking for ways to accentuate a space in your home? How about revamping your terrace/porch? A nice set of table and chairs may do the trick. Don’t worry, old tires know how to adjust with style.


painted-tire-coffee-table-with-glass-top (1)



6. Bathroom Sink

Lastly, for your bathroom, why not use it as a sink? If you are in for a rugged or industrial style, this should fit the bill.




Photo sources: Pinterest

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