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Six Radical Engine Swaps that Will Surely Leave You in Awe!

By on June 17, 2016

You’re not the only one who’s ever thought about swapping your boring stock engine with one that’s more powerful. The coolest engine swaps usually come from the creative and intriguing ideas of car enthusiasts who actually had the guts to make their dream vehicle come to life. Thinking of doing your own engine transplant project? Then you should check out this list of inspiring engine swaps that you would surely want to replicate:

1. Mazda RX-7 with an LS V8 engine

Mazda RX-7 with an LS V8 engine

Source: YouTube

The Mazda RX-7 is a sports car that already packs a lot of horsepower under its hood, so why swap its engine? The answer is simple: damage-prone apex seals. Equipping this vehicle with an LS V8 simply makes it more reliable while shedding a few pounds off its weight.

2. Mini Cooper with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine

Mini Cooper with a Suzuki Hayabusa

Source: Autoblog

In the realm of engine transplants, small cars are usually the targets of the performance-obsessed car guys. This Mini Cooper is a prime example of this trend. Equipped with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine, this little vehicle is now capable of squeezing up to 172 hp out its powerhouse. To make it even more unique, this creation is now called Minibusa!

3. Saab 9-3 Wagon with a Dodge Viper V10 engine


Source: Autoblog

The Saab 9-3 Wagon is known as a safe and practical vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s also notorious for having an unimpressive engine. So what’s the best way to give it some much-needed boost in horsepower? Swapping its engine with a Dodge Viper V10, of course! With this impressive engine, the Saab 9-3 Wagon can now go from 0 to 60 mph is just around 3 seconds.

4. Ford Model A with a Cummins Turbo-diesel engine

The Ford Model A is a classic, and this is exactly why it’s remarkable to equip it with a Cummins Turbo-diesel engine. This modified hot rod now boasts a power rating of up to 700 hp!

5. 1962 Volkswagen T1 with a Porsche 992 Twin-Turbo engine


Source: AutoTrader

Putting a Porsche 992 Twin-Turbo engine into a 1962 Volkswagen T1 is best way to turn this classic vehicle into a jaw-dropping camper van that can make up to 520 horsepower. Building this creation involves a great deal of effort though, but it’s easy to see that the end result is definitely worth all the hard work.

6. Ford Transit Van with a Jaguar XJ220 engine

This average-looking Ford Transit Van has a Jaguar XJ220 twin-turbo V6 engine under the bonnet. Who would’ve thought that this modest van can hit 60 mph in just 5 seconds? Is there anything more awesome than this ride?

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