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Choose Your Surfing Buddy: 10 Best Surf Cars of All Time

By on February 25, 2016

Missin’ the good times riding the beach waves? So what’s holding you back from reliving those moments and surfing again? When you finally decide to take another ride on those waves and visit the shoreline, make sure you are physically, mentally, and financially prepared. To up your surfing experience, head to the beach with any of these awesome surf cars from all over the world:

10. Mitsubishi L200

The father of lifestyle pick-up trucks and one of Mitsubishi’s best-sellers. With its body resembling a wave curling from a smooth sea, the Mitsubishi L200 is one of the best beach-machines for surfers, both the inexperienced and the expert ones.

Mitsubishi has even partnered with RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) to provide these pick-ups for beach patrol in the UK in 2006. All of the L200’s drivetrain options offer a 168 bhp, 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine.

Mitsubishi L200

Source: Fozimage

Mitsubishi L200

Source: World Car Fans

Mitsubishi L200

Source: UK Emergency Vehicles


9. Nissan Navara

Although it’s less stylish than the Mitsubishi L200, the Nissan Navara boasts the same 2.5-liter turbodiesel that gives you 173 bhp. You can never go wrong with a tough four-wheel drive geared to lead you straight to wave hunting.

Nissan Navara

Source: Flickr

Nissan Navara

Source: Cockram Nissan


Source: Club Frontier


8. Landrover Defender

Combine enormous strength with a permanent 4WD and you get a legendary Landrover Defender. Any surfer would definitely be delighted with this car’s optimum traction suited for the beach’s sands and shoreline.


Source: Pinterest



Source: Network A


Source: Pinterest


7. Volkswagen Transporter-T6

What’s great about the VW Transporter T6 is that it allows you to gain full control of the vehicle even in slippery conditions. Take a peek in its luxurious interior, where you can rest and relax after a tiring surfing day.

It has all sorts of entertainment you will need to unwind after playing with the waves at the beach. The Transporter offers a DAB radio, Bluetooth, and even a 5” touchscreen monitor in all its drivetrain options.


Source: Truck Trend Network


Source: Autoblog


Source: Pinterest


6. Dodge Tradesman Van

The freewheeling Dodge Tradesman van can easily deceive people by its ‘tradesman’ brand. Though it’s called as such, this enormous van is tough enough to resist dirt and dust from your bikes, scuba gear, fishing stuff, and most off all, your surfboards. Haul your stuff from here to there with the all-around Dodge Tradesman van.


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


5. Mercedes Vito

Designed to withstand offroading, the Mercedes Benz Vito Sport can surely be one of your best buddies when heading to the beach. This light van also offers a stylish exterior on top of its powerful 2.2-L engine; the transmission and engine options vary per specific model.


Source: Van Specialties


Source: Mercedes-Benz Vans Blog UK


4. Volvo XC70

With its 5-cylinder, turbo- diesel engine, the Volvo XC70 can definitely meet your expectations when it comes to power. The XC70 is among the most popular models catered to the off-roaders market, making it one of Volvo’s most sensational SUVs in its lineup.

2005-Volvo-XC70-AT-and-2007-XC70-Surf-Rescue-are-California-SurfnTurf-Dreams-9 (1)

Source: Car_Revs_Daily



Source: Pinterest


3. Ford Transit Lineup

You have all the space you need with the Ford Transit. This mid-sized van is known for its superb fuel economy, brought about by its ECOnetic technologies such as the Auto-Start-Stop. With these features, you can concentrate more on surfing rather than focusing on the logistics.

Source: Beach Ford


Source: Pinterest


Source: Motorhome Full Time


2. Chevrolet Suburban Surf Wagon

Chevrolet has its own vehicle dedicated for surfers, the Suburban Surf Wagon. This vehicle has gone through a number of modifications through the years, but it remains among the most classy surf cars of all time.


Source: Super Chevy


Source: Pinterest


Source: Carzz


1. Porsche Boxster and Spyder

Though it’s not a usual scene, a Porsche Boxster can carry surfboards just like any other vehicle mentioned earlier. The difference lies mainly on where the board is loaded, especially on the Spyder.



Source: Rennlist


p962291631-5 p704441011-5

Source: Rennlist

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