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Cars With Unusual Doors

By on January 29, 2016

A vast majority of cars have doors with side hinges and regular door handles. They work perfectly well, but they’re not really very exciting.

Here are some cars with doors that provide more flair than usual:

  • BMW Z1

BMW Z1Source: Wikipedia

The Z1 wasn’t one of BMW’s most popular models but it did have something that made it stand out. Instead of swinging out, the Z1’s doors slid down into the sills. Aside from the doors, the Z1 didn’t really have much else going for it, and production stopped after only two years.

  • Kaiser Darrin

Kaiser DarrinSource: Wikipedia

The Kaiser Darrin wasn’t one of the most beautiful cars of its time, but it did have very interesting doors. The doors slid into the fender wells instead of swinging out.

  • Holden Hurricane Concept

Holden HurricaneSource: Wikimedia Commons

The Holden Hurricane Concept had styling that was way ahead of its time. It didn’t have conventional doors; it had a hydraulically powered canopy that lifted up and slid forward. Reminds you of a plane or a spaceship, right?

  • Alfa Romeo Carabo Concept

Alfa Romeo Carabo ConceptSource: Carscoops

Scissor doors became Lamborghini’s signature, but it was actually this car that introduced the world to them. The Carabo didn’t go into production, but it did influence the designs of a lot of cars that came after it was introduced, including the Lamborghini Countach.

  • Mercedes Benz 300SL

Mercedes Benz SLS, Mercedes Benz 300SLSourced: Wikipedia

Ah, the 300 SL. The gullwing doors looked awesome, specially when the car was first introduced back in the 50s. Other notable cars that have used the same door design include the DeLorean DMC-12, the Gumpert Apollo, and most recently the Mercedes SLS, the 300 SL’s spritual successor.

  • Tesla Model X

Tesla Model XSource: Wikipedia

The Model X has what Tesla calls Falcon doors, which are a bit like gullwing doors except they are double-hinged. This allows them to be opened even in tight spaces. Of course, they look pretty darn cool, too.

And there you go, those are just a few cars with really interesting doors. Can you think of any others? Tell us in the comments!

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