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What They Don’t Tell You When Cats and Cars Meet for The First Time

By on October 24, 2015
Grumpy cat driving

Grumpy cat driving


It wouldn’t hurt to take your cat with you on out-of-town trips, especially if you’re going to be gone for a long time. But not all cats are keen on wheels; some go crazy and vent their frustrations on your car’s leather upholstery, carpet, and anything that can’t fight them back. Good thing there are lucky drivers out there with tamed kitties as their travel company.

Check out these furballs chillin’ with their human inside the car.


  1. They do daredevil tricks on the hood!



Source: The Meta Picture


  1. They can turn into an instant dash mat!


Source: Pinterest

  1. They are also vulnerable to road rage.


Source: Pinterest

  1. They can tell you which way to go with their cat instinct-based GPS.



Source: Pinterest

  1. They can even be classier than you!


Source: Tumblr

  1. They’re like “This ride is jaw-dropping!”


Source: Imgur

  1. They meet their greatest enemy – the wipers!





  1. They will ALWAYS find a way to join the trip even if you don’t want to!


Source: Worldwide Weird News


  1. Front-end collisions don’t scare them.


Source: Wiffle GIF

  1. They can go round and round as you drive.


Source: Wiffle GIF

  1. When your cat’s wheels are cooler than yours


Source: Wiggle GIF

  1. You don’t need to go out of the car to have some playtime.


Source: Cute Cat GIFs

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