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10 Coolest Auto-Themed Pumpkin Carvings this Halloween

By on October 28, 2015


Halloween is just around the corner and soon you’ll be seeing pumpkins with spooky faces wherever you go. Those basic jack-o’-lanterns can get quite a bit boring, we know. That’s why we rounded up some of the best auto-inspired pumpkin carvings that will perfectly suit your love affair with cars. Get your carving tools ready and check these out:


It’s not every day you see a pumpkin rockin’ some cool stripes.


You can now tell people you have a Porsche GT3. They won’t know it’s just carved on a pumpkin, anyway.


Calling out all Mazda buffs out there, this one is for you.


This Challenger is definitely killin’ it!


The carving game is strong with this VW Golf R pumpkin.


If you’re more of truck-person, then try this one is a must-try for you.


You can never go wrong with a cute and unique Volkswagen pumpkin.


This one may require a bit more elbow grease to make, but it’s guaranteed to be AWW-dorable.


You can also carve out Lightning McQueen for the car-loving kids that will come trick-or-treating at your door.


Of course, don’t forget the trusty tow truck, Mater.

There you have it! These are just some of the epic car-themed pumpkins that will surely give this Halloween season a twist. Got more creative ideas? Drop a comment below!

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