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Spotted: Some of the Coolest Graffiti-covered Cars

By on May 30, 2015

Cold, flat walls come to life with a splash of bold colors and a whole lot of freestyle drawing and lettering, with freedom-loving, rebel attitude and some wild, artist spirit. From the streets to the road, this urban expressionist art has taken up new space. Street artists have been working with the lines and curves of vehicles, turning them into rolling art. We have spotted some of their finest works of art. Here are some of the coolest graffiti-covered cars:

The hip 2012 Jaguar XKR

Graffiti artist Mr Kaves, who did logos and graphics for bands like The Beastie Boys, brought out the edgy and fun side of this grand tourer.


jaguar 2

jaguarSource: Top Speed

The Mazda graffiti wrap

The street artist sprayed the white base with overlay graphics. The colors are more subdued than the traditional graffiti but the drawings have that freestyle spirit of street art.

mazdaSource: Pinterest

Fun in Amsterdam

Wild, vibrant colors are a sure way to stand out. This aerosol spray-painted car in Amsterdam won’t fail to catch the eyes of the passersby with its loud colors and fun-loving spirit.

amsterjamSource: Schudio

 Mazda with some personality

This can easily be one of the coolest cars you can see on the street. The graphics and abstract drawings and the good mix of colors made the car look somewhat fiercer, giving it some character. 

cool car
mazda 2Source: Tumblr

It’s blue, and it’s cool!

We love that it’s blue and the art work is cool.

coolSource: Every Person in New York

Taking urban art to the offroad

This graffiti-covered Jeep has wild, free, and spontaneous written all over it.

jeepSource: Web Urbanist

Who says vans can’t have fun?

This full-size van shows its fun, carefree side with a mix of loud, striking colors and a good ensemble of random drawings, from the waves to the dice.

graf vanSource: Graffiti Kings

Groovin’ to urban beats

Comfy on the inside, party on the outside.

graf van 2Source: Graffiti Kings

Dark and twisted

 The graphics will make you stare for a while trying to make out what the drawings are all about. This dark and twisted art is nonetheless amusing.

grafSource: Street Minotaur


The bold lettering, funky colors, and random graphics made the car seem edgier than it is. 

rolling artSource: Street Minotaur

Kiddie art on display

There’s a whole lot of loving for monsters here and lots of fun with the spray can. 

euro art

euro art 2Source: Web Urbanist

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