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15 Cars That Look Like (and Think) They’re People

By on May 26, 2015

Ever had that moment where you’re walking down the street and you see a car driving by that looks like it had a face? Scientists call this phenomenon paredolia, but sometimes, like when your old ’92 Civic is acting up on a cold and rainy day, you start thinking that maybe they’re more than just oil, grease, and steel.

We’ve compiled some of the best and funniest looking cars on the web, and what they’re probably thinking.

batdudeDriving Scene

This Lambo thinks they’re the ride this grocery run deserves, but it’s not what you actually need right now.

Sad_CarlThe Throttle

This 2000-era sports car is a little concerned that having a name like “Edonis” might not be so rad anymore.

Tired GriffWikipedia

This car is having too many Monday mornings and too little coffee.

used-1971-lamborghini-miura-p400s-9423-5854346-1-640Car Eyelashes

This 1971 Lamborghini Miura, on the other hand, may need to cut down on the venti.


This car just is happy you finally got that promotion.

eggsoitedAutoNews Europe

This little fellow is just pumped to be having THE BEST EUROTRIP EVARRR.


This Alfa Romeo is disappointed in your life choices. Edonis, really?


This Datsun is just going through one of those days.


This classic muscle car knows it’s got a great grill and flaunts it. That or it eats krill on the side.


This Fisker has a whisker that’s crisper than a whiskey snifter.

Citroen-C1-main-largeThe Telegraph

While this Citroen C1 is winning the eyebrow game.


This old 1966 BMW might need to see an eye doctor sometime.

111309_happy_lead_604x372Piston Heads

This car is excited that the new Game of Thrones episode is up…

gotcar2Business Review USA

…only to find out they’ve killed off another major character.

And finally…


This Mazda Miata is will charm its way to your heart.

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