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10 Awesome Volkswagen Beetle Mods

By on April 30, 2015

With its streamlined shell, large headlights, and compact size, the Volkswagen Beetle is probably the most recognized car on the road today. But it doesn’t stop car enthusiasts from modding their beloved Beetles. Whether it’s for function or for art, modded Beetles give a fresh new take on the iconic Volkswagen Beetle design yet retaining their quirky personality.

Here are 10 of the coolest VW Beetle mods we’ve seen on the web:

DunBeeSource: Tumblr

Ever wondered what would Herbie look like in a Mad Max movie? The “DunBee” is the answer. This diesel-powered Beetle tore through the desert at the 2015 Dakar Rally.

437552Source: ModifiedCars

Another rally racer, this time a 1999 Beetle which competed at the Red Bull Global Rallycross Series in 2014.

tumblr_nfksilL7gv1s1qpzeo1_1280Source: Tumblr

Because nothing describes the Sixties better than Flower Power and a Beetle. It certainly makes up for its carbon footprint, although getting a clear view though the windshield might be a problem.

978318833_ae041db66a_bSource: Flickriver

A Bug styled to look like a vintage military jeep. But instead of saving Private Ryan, this one is used for ground support at air shows in Wisconsin.

VCoknAkSource: Reddit

If there’s a jeep-style Beetle, there’s also a Beetle tank.

Extreme-Volkswagen-Beetle-ModificationSource: Artistic Globe

Another military-themed Beetle mod, this time with missiles at the back for those extra-large mosquitoes.

IMG_5635Source: North American Motoring

Looks like something the Wicked Witch from Oz would drive if she were a Beetle fan.

vw_beetle_limoSource: Auto Spies

A 1999 Beetle converted into a stretch limo.

A visitor takes a picture at a modified Volkswagen VW Beetle during a press presentation prior to the Essen Motor Show in EssenSource: Baltimore Sun

This steampunk Beetle has a wrought-iron shell crafted by a metalworking company from Croatia. The shell was said to have taken 3,000 man hours to assemble.

vw-beetle-07Source: Better Parts

For when you need to deliver organic artisanal sauerkraut to the community market, or a conversation starter at tailgate parties.

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