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The Most Perfect “Caption This” Photos of People and Cars

By on March 27, 2015

Like reading a good poem, looking at a beautiful photo is very captivating. One glance won’t be enough. You will feel the need to absorb every detail over and over again until your senses are satisfied. Now if you’re thinking we’re about to show you some of that, please do not hold you breath. These photos are neither captivating nor beautiful. They’re just photos of people and cars taken at the right(?) moment, which, without context, are pretty funny and “caption-this”-worthy!



Source: Pinterest

Just like this guy who’s getting rid of snow from his car using a basketball.


Source: Pinterest

Or this guy cleaning his car while it’s raining.


Source: Pinterest

Man, the flame paint job on this one is very realistic.


Source: Pinterest

This is never gonna be not funny.


Source: Pinterest

“I was here first.”


Source: Pinterest

Feels like this is a what-did-the-blonde-do-after-a-car-accident joke. Only it’s for real.


Source: Pinterest


Source: Gawker

These guys transporting their vehicles in their own way.




Source: Pinterest

Taking things too literally is what happened here.


Source: Pinterest

Chill pill.


Source: Pinterest

Something bad and stupid is going to happen in 3..2..1..

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