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These Outrageous Limousines are Insane!

By on February 26, 2015

The limousine has always been a symbol of excess and extravagance. Most of us think of limousines as either the classic stretched white Rolls-Royce or the elegant black Mercedes-Benz with a liveried chauffeur. But these guys have taken the limo to new, crazy, jaw-dropping levels of (often dubious) style and scale. Here are some of the most outrageous limousines that actually exist

1. The Ferrari Limo

This limo was made by cutting a Ferrari 360 Modena in half and adding seats for eight people. It is said to be the fastest street legal limo in the world, with a top speed of 166 mph (268 kph). It was designed By Dan Cawley of Style Limousines, then tuned to perfection by Prestige Limousines, Birmingham, England. The Ferrari limo costs a whopping £250,000 ($390,000).

ferrari limo

Source: Imgur

2. VW Microbus Limo

Some awesome guys in Southern California super-sized a 1965 Volkswagen Microbus and turned it into a 12-seater stretch limo, the only one in the world. Designed for use in Maui, Hawaii, the VW Microbus Limo comes with a classic turquoise and ivory paint job, custom light and sound system, and custom wood flooring and interiors. All you need are a few surf boards and you’re good to go! The VW Microbus is currently up for grabs with a price tag of US$220,000.

vw microbus limo

Source: Geekologie

3. The DeLorean Limo

The iconic DeLorean DMC-12, with its distinctive gull wing doors, will always have a special place in pop culture as the beloved time machine in the 1980s trilogy ‘Back to the Future’. The DMC-12 may be defunct, but DeLorean enthusiast Rich Weissensel breathed new life into the model by restoring a bunch of DMC-12s and transforming some of them into new creations, including a stretch limo, a monster truck, a hovercraft and a convertible. The DeLorean Limo was made by fusing three DeLorean DMC-12s into one!

delorean limo

Source: Top Gear

4. The Superbus

The Superbus is a 15-meter long prototype electric vehicle that looks like the love child of a Batmobile and a stretch limo. This luxurious and totally electric vehicle designed by the TU Delft University in the Netherlands. The Superbus is made of super light carbon fiber materials and is powered by an electric motor running on lithium polymer batteries. It comes with a sleek aerodynamic design, sixteen gull wing style doors and spacious deluxe interiors. The Superbus can carry 23 passengers in comfort at speeds of 250 kph (155 mph).


Source: Superbus

5. World’s Longest Limo

The 100-feet ‘American Dream’, designed and owned by car collector Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California, is said to be longest limousine in the world. It comes with an interior king-sized bed, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sun deck and its own helipad!

worlds longest limo

Source: imgkid

6. The Pink Hummer Limo

Apparently, this stretched Hummer H3 limo with a hot pink paint job is a popular choice for proms and bachelorette parties.

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

7. The GP Limo

The GP Limo, reputed to be the world’s fastest street legal GP limousine, is the brainchild of Canadian inventor Michael Pettipas. It has a maximum speed of 300mph!

grand prix limo

Source: GPLimos


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