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10 Awkward Snow Driving Fail GIFs

By on February 26, 2015

Snowy-road-with-traffic-sign-52774318Source: myedmontonphysio

March is here, but it seems the wintry weather is showing no signs of letting up in most parts of the country anytime soon. That’s just sad! Most of us don’t want to be out there driving, have a wreck, hurt someone, or be in a totally awkward situation just like these snow drivers here. Whether they’re just out there driving or looking for some snow driving adventure, the outcomes were just totally fail, and they perhaps wished they didn’t go out in the first place. Here check out these 10 awkward snow driving fail GIFs, and tell us which one has you cringing the most.

1. Splash

car_falls_on_waterSource: Giphy

Brrrr. That must be really cold!

2. Road vs. Snow

car_on_snowSource: Giphy

We’re not sure if this snow driver here just can’t find his way back on the road, or he’s simply having so much fun driving on the snow.

3. Whoosh

car_crashed_snowSource: Giphy

Seriously though, we really wish nobody in that car was hurt.

4. Stop me, please!

sliding_car_snowSource: Giphy

And it did just in time! Whew, that was close!

5. Snow Car Plow

snow_plowSource: Giphy

No snow? No problem! 😀

6. Close Call

close_callSource: Giphy

“Wow! What was that?” Boy, you sure are lucky!

7. Watch out!

car_broken_windshieldSource: Giphy

Too late! That truck and that blinding snow are definitely a bad combination.

8. Snow Explosion

snow-explosionSource: Gifbin

Although the driver here was luckier than in #7, we’re pretty sure he too got shaken up.

9. You Drive, I Ski

skier-tries-jackas-stunt-pulled-by-car-winter-sports-failsSource: Totalprosports

Nice try, guys! Now, you know it ain’t fun having a car pulling you along the snow-covered road on skis.

10. Up and Down

truck_sliding_on_snowSource: Gifbin

Close enough! Better start thinking about plan B because this clearly isn’t going to work.

Got hilarious snow driving fail GIFs? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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