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There is Something Weird About the Causes of These Car Accidents

By on November 26, 2014

Driving distractions, driver fatigue, weather, drunk driving, and over speeding—these are the five most common causes of automotive-related accidents. But there are times when drivers or even passengers do strange things, thus causing road mishaps. Here are some of the accidents that happen due to some weird reasons:

1. An SUV that crashed when a passenger put the driver’s armpit hair on fire

suv Source: Stupid News Network

Sometimes, what you think is a hilarious idea ain’t funny at all, and worse, it could even lead to disaster, such as the case of a group of teenagers from Idaho who were injured in an SUV crash. At around 5:30 in the morning, the 18-year-old driver crashed his SUV after one of the passengers ignited his armpit hair. When flame emerged from his armpit, the driver lost control over the vehicle, causing it to roll and throwing two of the backseat passengers out of the vehicle.


not-funny Source: Reactions GIFs


2. The woman who filled her car with loads of trash, which eventually caused crash.

trash Source: Oddee

It’s weird how a 53-year old woman in Massachusetts even managed to just turn what could be a valuable investment into a trash bin. The police found out about this when the car crashed while backing out of a parking space. According to the cops, the car was jam-packed with trash that pieces of old coffee cups fell into the brake and gas pedals, affecting their functions, and causing the woman lose control over the vehicle while on reverse.

tumblr_myytpzBP5A1ql5yr7o1_r1_400Source: Friendly Dish


3.  A crash that happened when the driver blacked out after choking on a piece of apple; trucker claimed the crash actually saved his life

truck crashSource: Oddee

Most of the time, vehicular accidents involving large vehicles like trucks become so tragic. But there are also very rare cases when what you think could be terrible actually turned out to be life-saving. Take for example the case of this trucker who crashed the tractor-trailer he’s driving into the concrete median on the highway when he blacked out after he choked on a piece of apple. The driver told city police that when the truck had crashed into the concrete barrier, his chest hit the steering wheel, dislodging the apple.


4.  The bus driver who heeds GPS and found his bus wedged under an old foot bridge.

628x471Source: Seattle pi

Yes, it’s strange, but being too reliant on your GPS could sometimes be dangerous. A bus driver in Seattle did nothing but follow the instructions from the GPS navigation system, which caused the 12-foot-high vehicle to be sandwiched between the road and the almost century-old footbridge with only 9-foot clearance.


5.  The woman who caused fatal crash by stopping and parking her car on the highway’s passing lane to help ducks

ducklingSource: Pinterest

In 2010, a Canadian woman caused fatal car crash after stopping and parking her car on the left (passing) lane of a highway and went out to help a group of motherless ducklings that are in the middle of the road. The parked car then caused multiple collision, leaving two fatalities. Just this year, the woman was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty on two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death.

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