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Cars with Multiple Personality Disorders

By on November 27, 2014

Don’t know whether you want a bike, a truck, or a car? Then why not make your own combo vehicle? The guys behind these DIY oddities definitely didn’t let their imagination stop them from creating their dream rides. The results are some of the most confused-looking vehicles that will make you wonder what the car owner was thinking when doing the modifications. Now some of these vehicles may not be street legal, but they’re guaranteed to turn heads in confusion.

A three-wheeled vehicle perfect for bike lovers

Combining the power of three

Why rent a U-Haul when you have this?

A modern ride with a classic twist

Car trucks or truck cars?

A Ford that’s a Jeep at heart

This vehicle probably doesn’t moove that fast.


(photo #13)

Winterizing your car to a whole new level

Source:   (photo #4)

(photo #4)

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