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Watch the Unluckiest Bus Robber in the World Fail HARD

By on October 30, 2014

Bus robbery

We’re not actually sure if what follows is the result of being unlucky or just being a novice but the fact remains–this bus robber failed HARD.

In a span of less than 3 minutes, the robber almost fell off the bus while trying to rob his target, failed a second time using force, got his hand stuck in the door, got repeatedly beaten with a bat, and then had a bunch of cops push him to the ground. By the end of the unluckiest bus heist in history, the thief was crying in misery.

The Chilean bus stopped in Concepcion to pick up passengers, the robber among them. It looks like the job was supposed to be a quick grab and run but everything went wrong for the robber. For the record, we don’t think the violent punishment handed to the perpetrator in this case was necessarily justified but we’re definitely glad the passengers in this bus weren’t robbed of their valuables.

Watch the video below and tell us if you think the guy deserved what he got. WARNING: The video contains some violence as the thief got clubbed with a bat:

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