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Six Cars that Look Exactly Like Smiling People or Cartoon Characters

By on October 7, 2014

They say that cars, though inanimate, have faces that express a lot of different emotions. These six smiling cars prove just that.

What’s special about these six, however, is not just that they’re “smiling.” It’s also the fact that they look exactly like some people or cartoon characters. Check them out:

  1. Subaru BRZ
    Subaru BRZ

    Source:Wikimedia Commons

    The BRZ makes us want to say “ehh, what’s up, doc?” because its front looks exactly like a smiling Bugs Bunny, complete with buck teeth!

    Bugs Bunny

    Source: Zazzle

  2. Austin Healey Sprite
    Austin Healey Sprite

    Source: Wikimedia Commons

    This car looks like it’s a bit confused, just like Emma Watson right here.

    Emma Watson

    Source: Reaction GIFs

  3. 2011 Mazda MX-5 (or any last-generation Mazda, really)
    Mazda MX-5

    Source: Wikipedia

    We’re guessing no one told Mazda its corporate grille made all of its cars look like this.


    Source: Reaction GIFs

  4. Toyota iQ for Sports Concept
    Toyota iQ for Sports

    Source: Nice Cool Pics

    We don’t know if it’s just the color, but this car reminds us a lot of a smiling Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.

    Mike Wazowski

    Source: Disney Wiki

  5. Chery QQ3
    Chery QQ3

    Source: Wikipedia

    The Chery QQ3, which looks a lot like the Daewoo Matiz (also known as the old Chevrolet Spark), was not a very good car. It was, however, an adorable one. Just look at that face. It’s so cute! It’s inherent cuteness and the fact that it was probably the cheapest car in production in its time made it one of Chery’s most successful models. It also looks like a certain little Pokemon, just like the next car on this list.

  6. Geely Panda

    Source: Geely

    This is probably the most adorable production car in the market today! That big grin up front is just so cute. Like we said earlier, this car and the Chery QQ3 above remind us of the ever adorable Pikachu!


    Source: Heroes Wiki

The similarities between these cars and those people/characters are uncanny, right? Have you spotted other cars that look like people or certain characters? Tell us in the comments if you have!

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