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These Pictures of Wrecked Exotic Cars Will Make You Wince

By on October 8, 2014
Source: camaro5

Uh-oh.Source: camaro5 

Vehicular accidents are never something to laugh at but you have to admit, there’s a certain class of vehicles you almost want to see wrecked–exotic cars. Maybe it’s because we don’t often see Ferraris and Lamborghinis plying the roads much less uselessly sitting, smoking on the pavement, thrashed beyond recognition. Perhaps there’s even a primal desire to see epic destruction involved here but whatever it is, we made this list to show you what the most expensive cars in the world look like when they hit really hard objects. WARNING: this list will make you wince:

Bugatti Veyron



This Bugatti Veyron crashed in Austria when the driver lost control in wet conditions. Individual parts of the Veyron can cost as much as a small hatchback, so when the insurance company put this car up for sale, it estimated that total repair costs could amount to 700,000 Euro. If you can afford a second-hand wrecked Veyron, maybe you should just pay up for a brand-new one?

Ferrari 458 Italia



The story behind this photo is even more wince-inducing. A UK car dealer took a customer’s new Ferrari 458 Italia for a spin but lost control of the car on wet roads. Needless to say, the car dealer had the worst day of his life that day.

Lamborghini Gallardo

What does a chrome-wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo look like when it crashes into a Jeep Wrangler? You guessed it: crumpled tin foil. The Lambo was being driven by a female student around the Michigan State University campus when the accident happened.

Lamborghini Murcielago



Lots of Lamborghinis in this list. This one caused commuters near Park Lane, London loads of headache when the driver somehow ripped the front corner of his supercar. While it looks like some giant bit off a chunk of the car, the real cause of the accident seemed to be that the driver crunched into a curb as he was leaving an underground car park.

Lamborghini Aventador

Supercar accidents happen everywhere there are supercars. In Hefei, China, this Aventador crashed into a city bus resulting in numerous supercar parts littering the road. The car costs around $1.3 million in China because of import taxes.

Dodge Viper



This Dodge Viper didn’t hit a bus–it went under it. The driver was closely following an SUV, which suddenly switched lanes to avoid crashing into the stopped bus. The Viper’s driver failed to brake or swerve in time and ended up sliding underneath the bus. Amazingly, the bus wasn’t damaged at all though the airbags went off in the Viper. Fortunately, the driver walked away fine.

Audi R8



This was footballer Mario Balotelli’s Audi R8 when it crashed in August 2010. Two years later, Balotelli would be involved in another car crash–one where he drove a Bentley. In both accidents, Balotelli appeared to be mostly unhurt. Lucky guy? When you consider the amount of money involved, maybe not so much.

Ford GT

Yep, that’s a Ford GT. And yes, that’s a Honda standing in its path. The Ford GT was upgraded to 1,000 HP when this accident happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This was the second time the exotic car crashed!

McLaren MP4-12C

While the Ford GT above was probably repaired, this McLaren MP4-12C was clearly headed to the junkyard. It crashed into a Ford Flex in Miami, smashing most of its front end. The driver walked away unharmed but what remained of his British supercar wasn’t going anywhere.

Porsche 911

From the look of this tree-hugging Porsche 911, it’s hard to believe the driver was able to jump out the roof unhurt. But that’s exactly what happened when the car drove through a puddle of water and fish-tailed, hitting two smaller trees before it eventually wrapped itself around this unmovable trunk.

Chevy Corvette

The face of the C6’s driver sums up what happened: UNBELIEVABLE. It isn’t clear how his ride ended up trying to climb a pole but the disaster was clearly one of the most bizarre things ever to happen to a Vette.

The accident’s so weird it needs to be seen from two other angles:

Perfectly balanced–in a bad way:

BONUS: Watch as another Corvette smashes against a tree with disastrous consequences. We hope everyone involved here walked away fine:

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