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Bad Parking Jobs and How Some People Dealt With Them

By on October 6, 2014

That guy. You know him. Most of us do. He’s ubiquitous. You might’ve met him on your way to the mall, to the dentist, or to your office. You might’ve met him right outside your house. Some people met him probably just once or twice in their lives. Some, with their unbelievably tough luck, met him more than that. He wears different faces. He may sound differently from what you remembered the first time you heard him speak. “He” can even be a “she” sometimes. He’s a chameleon, constantly ever-changing…except for his bad parking job. Ugh. Do you remember that guy now? If not, we’ll help refresh your memory. Just scroll down.



Source: Imgur


Source: Imgur

Here you see “that guy” doing textbook examples of taking two parking spots with just one car.


Source: Imgur

This is where he takes it up a notch, though, by taking four (yep, that’s right, FOUR!!!) parking spots at once. So unless you’re vehicle is a shopping cart (see: photo), you clearly have no room here.


Source: Imgur

But this one. This one will take the grand prize. Just look at it! It’s like a “that guy” meet. Four different bad parking jobs in one parking lot. That’s gotta be a record.


Source: Imgur


Source: Imgur

To “that guy,” the lines are so blurry it’s hard to keep the car within it.


Source: Imgur

Sometimes, the whole parking lot is blurry for him.


Source: Imgur

So blurry that he thinks that a sidewalk is a parking lot.


Source: Imgur

Now this. This is a masterpiece. If you can actually look past the inconsiderateness, borderline douchebaggery with the way he parked, the execution of the idea might impress you.


Source: Imgur

Oh, yes! Sometimes “that guy” can be a local police.


Source: Imgur

Or a tree-hugging hipster.


Source: Imgur

Or that dude that you envy because he has a really nice car. We get it. He doesn’t want some careless person to scratch his car, but still, come on!


Now, we’re not going to teach you how to deal with “that guy” and his awful parking job. We can, however, show you how some people handled the situation.

Some people left notes:


Source: BitsAndPieces

Primary advantage of leaving notes? You can get as snarky as you want.


 Source:  SomeEcards

Not sure if looking at the brighter side of things or just sarcastic.


 Source: Pinterest

The drawing is bad, too. But that’s not the point.


 Source: BuzzFeed

Let’s just say that whoever left this, he/she wasn’t too pleased and was not too shy to express it.

Some people let their chalk and creativity do the talking:


 Source:  SomeEcards

Some people, however, had no time with all that passive-aggressive stuff that we mentioned. They just wanted to get their message across in the crudest way possible.

Source: TopMotors


Message received. Loud and clear.

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