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The 7 Worst Concept Cars Ever – What Were They Thinking? (Part 2)

By on September 25, 2014

Since you loved our last list of these abominations, we decided to dig up some more to give you a glimpse of the past that (fortunately) never happened:

1. Chrysler Expresso  – The 90’s was a weird time for most of us. Chrysler was no exception.

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Source: Chicago Auto Show

2. Toyota A-BAT  – A cross between an El Camino and the grab bars in a handicap restroom.

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Source: Motor Trend

3. Volvo Tandem  – It actually looks cool enough to be in a video game. The kind you play only once.

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Source: Travel Drive Race

4. Ford Nucleon  – People wanted to see how a nuclear-powered car would look but Ford showed them a nuclear disaster instead.

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Source: Click On Detroit

5. Fiat Oltre  – Who would want to copy the Hummer? Italians.

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Source: Automobiles Review

6. Cadillac ULC – The huge scissor door reminds us of opening a fridge in the middle of the night finding nothing but a week-old carton of disappointment.

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Tang Hua Book of Songs  – We didn’t even want to include this one because it just wasn’t fair, but it’s way too funny. Looks like the lovechild of a clown’s shoe and a banana.

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Source: Tuning News

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